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Over time JPFO has had numerous articles and references about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.  In fact a search on JPFO and the web will bring up a great deal of material.

However, in order to assist in finding some of the main articles on JPFO, we have listed below some useful links to material allied to the subject.  Links and pages have where possible have been updated to the newer site format.


Much has been written over time about the holocaust, including stories about the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. An oft asked question has been along the lines of "Why did Jews go like sheep to the slaughter?". This article explores the subject in considerable depth although possibly controversial.

New York Times -- Boruch Spiegel, Fighter in Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Dies at 93. (Excerpts and comment also on JPFO alert for 5/24/13).

A fascinating video about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Wikipedia article on the Uprising.

SS Brigadefeurer Jurgen Stroop report

A Richard Stevens article - "Should they have fought back?"

A holocaust survivor is interviewed - Theodore Hass.

Jews and "Gun Control" (extensive analysis): Fear of Freedom or Freedom from Fear?

A look at the 2A 'Doomsday provision' (reference made) - "Gun Rights and Tyranny"

A reference to the Uprising with a look at disarmament and genocide - "Jews and Guns"

An early alert looking at Jewish history and disarmament - "Do Jewish "leaders" want us all to be victims?"

The last survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto Battle dies (New York Times) - Marek Edelman dies aged 90.


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