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Comments from readers on this L Neil Smith Article -

Mr. Smith, I read your article as posted on Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership. Thank you very much for writing an excellent article, and for including your name and contact information. I've noticed that the anti-freedom authors rarely have the courage to sign their work.

For me, the decision to arm myself occurred several years ago when I lived in Jacksonville, FL. I arrived at work early in the morning and discovered a surly young man loitering in the parking lot, and realized I needed my pistol and didn't have it. I got my CCW shortly thereafter.

My suspicions about the US Government began with the JFK assassination, which involved a shot that an excellent special forces sniper with a lot of field experience couldn't duplicate. I confess I don't really know what to believe anymore when the government gets involved.

Anyway, you wrote an excellent article and I thank you for publishing it.

Yours truly,


Why is it that the shootings seem to be more frequent when the anti-gun Dem's are the majority in power?

The shooters almost always have a mental problem and either commit suicide or get in a position where the police shoot them? Are the shooters put up to doing the shooting by anti-gun people?

Either a coincidence or what? Look at the pattern. Just a thought.


Excellent article - which clearly shows the dangers of gun-free zones, better perhaps called criminal playgrounds. The ratio of good law abiding gun owners to the law breakers is huge by orders of magnitude and favors the good, and yet the media constantly tries to portray all guns and owners as evil.

Events such as we have seen in recent months should serve as a wake up call - and contrary to what the anti's might think should encourage the ''armed society is a polite society''. The individual's right to self protection is an innate and God given right - period!


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