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Points to note with JPFO alert emails.

Alerts can sometimes bounce!

Note - (July 2011) We notice sometimes that out of the thousands of alerts sent out, there can be rather high numbers of "bounces" - on checking with our provider it would seem that now and again an ISP makes some change to their email settings and that can result in non-delivery to those using that ISP.

If it happens to be something like Hotmail, Yahoo or even gmail - then many can be affected temporarily. For those who miss out on one of our sendings, we apologize, but the provider does try to stay ahead of things when they can by making changes in their own settings to reflect ISP changes and so control the bounces, which we like to see as zero!

If in doubt, please check the alerts archive to make sure you have not missed anything. Also, if you get alerts do please open them!

Chris, Webmaster.

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To paraphrase Ben Franklin, we gun owners must hang together or we will assuredly hang separately. Use these resources to meet other Second Amendment supporters, patronize pro-gun businesses, and get the news that mainstream media doesn't want you to hear!


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The alert page linked to gives information about a small "forum meeting place" and provides relevant links. Uptake has been limited but over time this may still prove useful to some.

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State's Constitutions
Valuable Reference Material Regarding the Power of The People Over Government -State Statutes and Quotes.

Jewish World Population (2006)
Most country links will take you to the Jewish Virtual Library site, with much information to be found.

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