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January 30, 2001

A Word of Thanks to Our Supporters

To Our Loyal Members and Supporters:

In the past two weeks, JPFO sent out two timely e-mail Alerts: and

The first detailed the concerted assault on one of America's most venerable institutions, the Boy Scouts of America, by special interest "politically correct" groups. The second was written in response to a number of our Alert subscribers that took extreme exception to our position.

Over the period of my association with Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, nearly four years, I've never seen such an avalanche of reaction to any Alert we've sent. Our webmaster, Mr. Ken Holder, informs us that more e-mail continues to pour in. According to Mr. Holder, the approximate current tally of opinions is two hundred and twenty people in total support and nine people that told us to spit in our hats (I've read every single one of the letters). Ten subscribers wrote that our no-compromise stance made them decide to become paid members of JPFO.

No dimpled ballots or hanging chads needed to be recounted in this opinion poll. It was a landslide victory.

Your letters of encouragement and support help us to see that we are on target. On behalf of JPFO Executive Director Aaron Zelman, Bill of Rights Sentinel Editor Richard Stevens and myself, I extend my most heartfelt appreciation for your taking the time to write and fuel our often bruised spirits. There are days when it seems like we are continually fighting an uphill battle for the preservation of American freedoms. The Brothers and Sisters for Political Correctness, along with the Amen Parishioners, show no signs of letting up in their attacks on the concepts of liberty and freedom envisioned by the founders of America.

JPFO's full and part time staff is but a handful of individuals. You, our ambassadors throughout the world, make us a powerful force with which to be reckoned. To you belongs all the credit for our successes.

May the Almighty richly bless America and all our dear friends fighting to preserve liberty and His moral values.

Your comrades in arms,
Rabbi R. Mermelstein and the Liberty Crew

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