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November 7, 2002

Let's REALLY Honor Our Veterans

Come Monday we will celebrate Veterans Day. Many people will be off work. Many, hopefully, will be flying our flag. There will be speeches, especially by newly elected officials, which heap well deserved praise on the men and women who have served in our armed forces. I suspect one thing will be missing, however: a real understanding and reverence for the very thing those veterans worked to defend and for which they were sometimes called upon to give their lives.

Of course I mean liberty, our freedoms.

The freedoms, which we, as human beings, possess.

The freedoms, which are protected by The Bill of Rights, our precious national treasure.

The freedoms, which we so take for granted.

Odd, isn't it, that the same freedoms, which make America the shining light of the world, allow our citizens the chance to ignore those freedoms and become complacent. Yes, I know that we are much less free than Americans even a few decades back. However, we still mostly say what we wish, go where we wish, worship as we wish, and more.

I would like to keep it that way. I would like to do more than merely maintain our current level of freedom. It is my intention to do all I can to create anew a Bill of Rights Culture: a culture in which every person knows, understands, and insists upon their individual rights and responsibilities, and in which government at every level doesn't dare infringe on these rights.

In this way, I will honor veterans, not just on Monday, but every day.

I, personally, have used my talents to create music, the JPFO CD "I Will Live Free." All JPFO members who receive these alerts know of it. What I am going to suggest here is that you use that CD, and whatever else you need in the way of materials or conversation, to bring one other American to an awareness of what The Bill of Rights is all about.

If you would do this on Veterans Day, by the end of Monday, the number of people hoping and working for a Bill of Rights Culture will have doubled. Plus, we will have done something meaningful to honor our Veterans.

Let me give you some tips. Before I decided to work directly with the hearts and minds of people via my music, I was deeply involved in politics. Freedom politics is interesting. The politics of the status quo has momentum. Convincing folks of a radical new idea such as individual rights and responsibility is hard work. I learned some tricks, which you will find successful.

1. Adjust your attitude. I have met large numbers of freedom minded people who look at their unenlightened fellows as sheep. Let me remind you that you, too, we born unenlightened. Somewhere, somehow, you learned the lessons of liberty and came to know what freedom is all about. Others have not. That is no excuse for arrogance and elitism. I am not saying, "Love your local statist." I am saying that many people simply don't know any better and with some education will come around. Do you think that the urge to freedom is NOT part of every human's core? It is, and a friendly approach can work wonders at educating and changing minds. Each of us must become a teacher if we ever want things to change.

2. Do not choose the hard core statist, the flaming liberal, as your first student. Huge numbers of people are out there waiting for the truth of liberty. They learned nothing in government schools. However, they aren't stupid and they aren't evil. They just need YOU to kindly show them how our Bill of Rights guarantees their freedoms, and that sneakily, subtly, these guarantees are being undermined. Wake them up to the threat and that desire for freedom I mentioned will lead them to take action, not only at the polls but also in day-to-day life.

In short, when you want to make a convert for freedom, choose the easiest individuals first. You will be more likely to succeed and you will learn better techniques in the process, allowing you to take on the harder cases.

3. Don't try to teach a college course in liberty to third graders. All too many of you break this simple rule by yapping about aspects of freedom which are totally unreal to the person you are addressing. Yes, maybe the system of highways should be privatized. Maybe we all should be able to possess tactical nukes. So what? Such concepts are beyond the person who doesn't yet understand what Freedom of Speech is all about. Be kind. A full education in freedom will take some time. Start with The Bill of Rights!

... and for that you can use my CD "I Will Live Free." You do have a copy, don't you (grin)?

Why not set your chosen student down and play the CD. Discuss it song by song. The whole process might take a couple hours. At the end of that time, the Bill of Rights Culture will be twice as strong!

For those of you who want to do more, take the CD to your local talk radio station and suggest they play the cuts "What is Freedom/Freedom's War" on Veterans Day. Explain that it is a musical story (like a Harry Chapin song) about a family in WWII that loses the father to war. I believe you will find at least one talk show host who will be receptive. Make sure you give them the JPFO toll free number and website address.

Let me know of your successes in making converts to freedom and getting the CD in use. Let's honor our Veterans and ourselves by working diligently for a renewal of freedom, a Bill of Rights Culture.

Dan Starr

Find the "I Will Live Free" CD at:

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