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November 25, 2003

A Military Government in the U.S.: Is It Possible?

Strange news sometimes comes from the strangest places. In this case, it was ominous news coming from an innocent source. In the December 2003 issue of the magazine Cigar Aficionado, retired Gen. Tommy Franks (who led our troops in Iraq) speculates that, if the U.S. is ever attacked with a weapon of mass destruction, the Constitution might not survive.

We might, he says, end up with a military government.

Now, perhaps that's just one man's speculation. But perhaps it's also a trial balloon. The present administration has said frequently that it's only a matter of time until the U.S. is attacked with nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. We all know there are people in Washington who would love any excuse to seize ultimate power.

Tommy Franks is a true insider. So we wonder if he's throwing that idea out to see how angrily—or how passively—Americans take it.

If we protest and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the power-grabbers will back away. If we shrug and change the channel on our TV sets, they'll know we'll put up with anything they want to do to us.

The Perfect Opportunity to Say No to Tyranny

As readers of JPFO alerts, you know what important day is coming up on December 15. Bill of Rights Day.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to say a strong, firm NO to all kinds of tyranny. This is your moment to join with freedom lovers all around the nation (and the world) to remind government officials that they serve you, not vice versa. Remind them this is a land of legal principles, not of military coups and martial law. Not a land of warrantless searches and universal surveillance. A land of free and independent citizens—and gun owners.

Below you'll find a series of links to free articles and information that will help you celebrate Bill of Rights day in your home, community, or state.

On this Bill of Rights day, JPFO also has a special offer. Make any purchase of JPFO-produced merchandise totaling $20 or more and you can add the stirring CD of Bill of Rights songs, "I Will Live Free," for just $7.60 postpaid. Think of it as our Spirit of '76 Special.

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We often strive to reach people's minds with our freedom messages. That's important. But let's not forget, we'll get faster results when we reach their hearts—and that's what these original songs can do.

Go to the JPFO store ( ) or to our home page ( ) where we have items that aren't included in the regular store. Choose from any JPFO- published books, tee-shirts, Gran'pa Jack booklets, posters, targets, our film "Innocents Betrayed," or footage from the liberation of the Nazi death camps. Take your pick, then take your discounted copy of "I Will Live Free"—a $17.91 value for the Spirit of '76—$7.60, that is.

(This offer does not apply to knives, non-JPFO-published books, or other third-party merchandise.)

Find the $7.60 ADD-ON order link in the RED BOX on page:

Now, here's where to find those free materials to help you celebrate one of America's most important days:

1. The Bill of Rights in English with brief modern-language explanations of each amendment. (

2. The Bill of Rights in 11 languages for your friends and relatives around the world. (

3. The Freedom Pledge to keep liberty and the Bill of Rights in mind every day. Great for meeting starters and homeschooling sessions. (

4. Reach out to others. Left, right, and libertarian can all find common ground in the Bill of Rights. (

5. How to make Bill of Rights Day a community celebration. (

The Liberty Crew

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