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January 8, 2005

Viewers Rave over BATFE Fails the Test Video

JPFO recently blindsided the BATFE with the release of our documentary film BATFE Fails the Test ( The shocking, never- meant-to-be-seen raw footage shows agents trying unsuccessfully to prove that a semi-automatic firearm had been deliberately modified to full-auto.


"JPFO has produced a shocking and eye-opening DVD, BATFE Fails the Test. If you think you're safe from the BATFE just because you follow current gun laws, think again. Be sure and get a copy of this documentary so you can see exactly what your government can do to you just because you own a semi-automatic firearm."

Tim Schmidt
Concealed Carry Magazine


"BATFE Fails the Test, by JPFO, is a must see DVD for all Americans. See our government at work. Watch as the 'government expert' turns a dangerously malfunctioning legal semi automatic rifle into an 'evil' machine gun and Mr. Glover into a 'Felon'. Watch as a 'real expert' (he actually must earn a living with his knowledge), examines the firearm and determines that it is merely a malfunctioning legal semi automatic rifle.

"It is an inside look rarely seen by most Americans and shows first hand the cavalier attitude of a federal agent and how it can force an innocent American into financial ruin. Watch out you may be next."

David M. McCleary
Attorney at Law
Waterford, MI



The BATFE's enforcement activities are authorized by the 1968 Gun Control Act. As JPFO has documented, the GCA was written by US Senator Thomas Dodd, who _personally owned_ a copy of the original German text of the Nazi Weapons Law ( Perhaps unsurprisingly, the GCA language is eerily similar.

What has happened to John Glover - and, we're learning, to numerous others - is the end result of the US modeling laws after Nazi laws. Emulate a police state, become a police state.


You can purchase a copy of the footage for $17.76, postage paid, from JPFO (

With your order you'll also receive, absolutely FREE, a copy of Gran'pa Jack #8 "Is America Becoming a Police State?" (a $3.00 value) and your own personal copies of the BATFE confiscation report and Len Savage's expert witness report on the Glover case.

If you have a DVD player available, we strongly recommend that medium. The DVDs have a menu, designed with the assistance of GOA's Larry Pratt, that lets you go right to the most crucial portions of the test and disassembly of the firearm without having to wade through raw footage.

But whichever medium you choose, please order, watch, and use this tape. Your future - and the future of justice for gun owners -- could depend on it.

- The Liberty Crew


Proceeds from the sale of these DVDs and VHS tapes will go to fund our upcoming documentary, "Bill of Rights or Bust" (

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