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October 26, 2005

It's Not Stealth, It's Truth
How to Teach Our Rights in American Classrooms Without a Fight

Want to bet that the average 7th – 12th grade student knows practically nothing about the Second Amendment?

Are your public school teachers explaining the Second Amendment to the students as an individual right ... or as a government power over the militia?

Are your public school textbooks teaching the Second Amendment in a way that preserves our right to keep and bear arms? Or are they undermining our rights?

Look at the textbooks. Look at the homework assignments. What are the kids learning about the right to keep and bear arms that you cherish? What are the kids really learning about any of the Bill of Rights?

You know something needs to be done about the direction of education in America. What’s your plan?

Plan A: Gather a posse of parents, storm the school board meetings and demand changes in the teachers, books and classroom plans. (Frankly, that approach gets negative publicity and makes little progress.)

Plan B: Get the truth about our rights into those middle and high school classrooms painlessly. Instead of working against the educational establishment, work with it.


You can get the message to the students right through the front door of the public school or library. No politics, no flak. It’s easy with the brand new video: Bill of Rights or Bust.

How will this video work, when other pro-rights videos don’t get into the schools? The answer is simple.

Bill of Rights or Bust delivers a clear, easy-to-understand mainstream message that every American can support. If you believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and if you know just a little bit of American history, then you’ll recognize the value of this video.

Less than one standard class period in length, Bill of Rights or Bust is upbeat, beautifully filmed, and balanced in its content. Study guide and class discussion materials are included on the video for classroom use, too.

Not one word in this video will offend anybody from the janitor to the librarian to the principal to the school board. Guaranteed. At the same time, Bill of Rights or Bust delivers the contents of our Bill of Rights to viewers like no other video or school material is doing.


If you have ten minutes and twenty dollars, then you can launch a campaign into your local school or public library right now. Here is the easy 3-step plan:

1. Get the name and full address of the school principal or librarian.
2. Click on our website at, and give us that contact information
3. Charge the $20 to your credit card. You are finished!

We do the rest. We will send a positive, up-beat letter to the principal or librarian, describing the features and benefits of Bill of Rights or Bust, and encouraging the school or library to celebrate Bill of Rights Day on December 15. We’ll use letterhead that refers only to the video, so there are no political or activist overtones. We’ll deliver the video and letter by first class mail.

Can you imagine any easier way to get the message of the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment into your local library or school?


Don’t just get depressed or angry at the dumbed-down educational system, when it is so easy to help change it for the better. Still the stakes are as high as ever. If we don’t teach the school kids about rights – real fundamental rights – then we stand no chance of protecting our Second Amendment rights.

You probably want to protect your right to have guns, to shoot and hunt and collect. You probably value your First Amendment rights, too, and the entire Bill of Rights. We will lose these rights if new generations of Americans don’t help us protect them. You can’t explain gun rights to a person who doesn’t understand rights at all.

It has never been easier to cause real changes in the education of our young people. Visit today!

- The Liberty Crew

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