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January 8, 2007

Reader Responses Here

U.S. Muslim Writer Agitates for Citizens to Disarm -- JPFO Fires Back

Another “think tank,” this one called the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), has come out for total civilian disarmament and repeal of the Second Amendment.

What’s new about that? ISPU is openly pro-Muslim, and the ISPU writer is a criminal defense attorney who argues for repealing parts of the Bill of Rights.

You can read the whole article, entitled “In the Fight Against Terrorism, Some Rights Must Be Repealed,” by Junaid Afeef, on the ISPU website:

A JPFO supporter sent us the link, and we did read the article, looking for:

a. Inaccurate “facts”
b. Missing data and support for factual claims
c. Tricks in shifting the context or changing the subject
d. Statements of opinion presented as though they were unquestionable facts
e. Insults, innuendoes and smears
f. Key facts or considerations that are totally ignored
g. Logic errors

We found many errors, fallacies, propaganda tricks, and an outright lie or two. When you read the piece, see how many you can find.

Or – you can go directly to our analysis and response to the article, entitled “A Muslim Writer Tells America: Drop Your Guns and Give Up" at

We take the ISPU article apart, paragraph by paragraph. Some of the points may be familiar to you, but there are a few new twists.

Do we expect to convince ISPU or Mr. Afeef of the errors of their position? Not really. We are publishing a response so that gun owners and rights supporters can keep their intellectual guns polished and powder dry.

The enemies of the Bill of Rights come in all flavors. We can never rest, thinking that we have answered all of their challenges.

Let us know what you think after reading our response.

The Liberty Crew

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