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Reader Responses to "US Muslim Writer Agitates for Citizens to Disarm"

Excellent rebuttal -useful info for all of us. But, as you point out, the writer is a Muslim-leaning writer in a Muslim "think-tank" (Wow - what a contradiction in terms that is!) This kind of idiocy has been around a lot longer than the Muslim threat; the Muslims are just clever at using it for their own ends.



IS the choice LIBERTY or SAFETY ?

Not if you believe Benjamin Franklin.


Read the article & your response. The article was little more than the same anti-gun liberal Democratic Party hysterical diatribe used in the past to rationalize disarming the population & creating a nation full of victims. Please note the current situation in Darfuras well as the results of the Holocaust.

Your analysis was right on point and got to the meat of the issue as well as the literary style & nuances of the author. The disturbing part is that the American public & politicians buy into the lies the anti-gun liberals put out.

Unfortunately the American population lives in denial of the real situation both domestically & internationally and is unwilling to stand up for their founding principles. The fact that the article was written by a Muslim lawyer & will be given weight & authority by anti-gun liberals & their co-conspirators says volumes. IF the American people had the same mindset in 1776 that they have now, we would still be flying the British flag.



Re: "....Some Rights Must Be Repealed," by Junaid Afeef, ISPU Research Associate

Were this by anyone else, or a representative for some pacifist organization, we might assume this to be some true believer as described by Sarah Thompson and/or Sigmund Freud and set out to eviscerate his half-truth-based arguments. When the primary motivation in one’s life, however, is to "Fight against such of those to whom the Scriptures were given as believe in neither God nor the Last Day, who do not forbid what God and His apostle have forbidden, and do not embrace the true Faith, until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued." (Qur’ân 9:29), other assumptions must be explored.

"Religion of peace"??? "........ Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah. Make a holy war...... When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to accept Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them. If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them." (Hadith: Muslim, book 19, no. 4294). Need the reality be made more clear?

As a Muslim, Afeef is surly practicing the honored Islamic doctrine of taqqiya: "literal truth need not be conveyed to infidels.," in the endless quest for Allah ordained, Islamic domination.

But what of Muslim "moderates"? "Give warning to the hypocrites that woeful punishment awaits them: those who choose the unbelievers rather than the faithful for their friends. Are they seeking glory at their hands?" (Qur’ân 4:138) "The believers who stay at home - apart from those that suffer from grave disability - are not the equals of those who fight for the cause of God with their goods and their persons. God has exalted the men who fight with their goods and their persons above those who stay at home." (Qur’ân 4:95)

"I (the Messenger) have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshiped but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and perform As-Salat and give Zakat, so if they perform all that, then they save their lives and properties from me except for Islamic laws, and their reckoning will be with Allah." (Hadith: Sahih al-Bukhari, vol. 1, book 2, no.25) "When a Muslim asked him (the Messenger) to name the ‘best deed’ one could do, besides the act of becoming a Muslim, the Prophet responded, 'To participate in jihad in Allah’s cause.'" (Hadith: Bukhari, vol. 1, book 2, no.26 (and others)). "Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and hypocrites, and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate." (Qur’ân 9:73) Yes, there is much repetition in Islamic holy writ!

Disarm at the behest of such people - people with a history of storing explosives and arms in their holy mosques? Men who seek to emulate every trait and action of their beloved prophet (see: <> )? In accordance with Abu-Dawud Sulaiman bin Al-Aash’ath Al-Azdi as-Sjistani, Sunan abu-Dawud, hmad Hasan, translator, Kitab Bhavan, 1990, Book 38, no. 4390, Muhammad is said to have ordered those who ridiculed him murdered, and personally beheaded some 600 to 900 men (possessors of pubic hair) and took their women and children into slavery following his successful, through, deceit, "Battle of the Trench." How many willfully disarmed Americans, potential concubines and slaves do faithful Muslims envision in similar straits? How long will non-Muslims foolishly embrace willful ignorance about Islam - particularly with the easy availability of ever-growing, factual scholarship? I recommend anything by Robert Spencer or Bat Ye'or, among others. While reading about Islam, a highlighter is suggested for those parts you find jarring and outrageous. You'll learn "Muslim radical" is redundant!

Qur'an references above are from The Koran, translated by N.J. Dawood, as revised, through <> The Second Amendment IS the first line of Homeland Security, as the individual's armament and "rules of engagement" cannot be predicted!



Here is the solution for Peace quickly: Just Surrender !!!

I Don't Think So!



Bravo JPFO--good response to Mr. Afeef's piece.

Like so many "journalists," he cannot imagine individuals ACTING to resist tyranny.

He actually puts forth the usual national socialist agenda that only federal government can make laws that will make safe (and control) the unmanageable populace.

There are many cowardly journalists who will flock to his suggestions out of the absolute personal refusal to confront issues and refuse to be a victim.

Bravo JPFO!



I think you need to add a point in your response to "A Muslim Writer tells America: Drop Your Guns and Give UP" pdf

After Point 20, you need to point out that the author did not break down how many criminals were killed out of the 9,000/yr statistic.



Great Find!...he knows we're going to be attacked again, yet tries to dilute issue with White "terrorists" targeting Jews. Those were the rascist David Duke KKK mindset whites, not Christians. These bastards are an eternal embarrassment to our cause and our country, as "Tikun Olam" Jews and wahhabi islamists are to their respective peoples.

Anyway, another desperate attempt at America's "backdoor". First feminism, now Islamists...

I'd buy a membership and support you, but I'm back in school again/broke...



First I want to thank you folks for bringing this to my (and everyone's) attention. I forwarded your message to a Conservative group I'm on before I even checked out the links. Then I read the idiot Muslim writer's rant. I wanted to read it first because while I was sure you would make some great points about it, I didn't want to get worked up about your outrage until I allowed my own to bloom.

While reading his article many thoughts came to mind that I won't repeat among civilized people, but the main thing I kept thinking was this: he makes some pretty good points *in favor* of every citizen in this country owning and carrying firearms! I mean, let me get this straight:

Muslim terrorists (or any other variety) are liable to show up at the local mall and open fire on anyone they can? So to protect ourselves from this sort of thing we need to get rid of our weapons? Yeah, right.

The few "facts" he stated that held any water just reminded me how important our Second Amendment is.

He mentions undefined damage done to our Bill of Rights by 'Homeland Security' and I agree, our Bill of Rights has taken some serious hits of late. Then he suggests we citizens let that happen without a wimper, which is not entirely true. Some of us quietly accepted it... especially our legislators who signed off on it. But some of us raised the devil about it, to one another, to the media, to our Senators and Congressmen, to the President... and how much good did it do? Zip. Nada. This idiot's article just reminds me how important it is that we all stand ready to *take our country back*.

Then I read your response and as I expected, you trashed the dude. You answered him wisely, pointing out (among other things) why all the noise he's making fails to hold together as anything akin to rational thought.

Frankly I was a little disappointed you didn't use the data he provided to show how important private gun ownership is. I got over that though when I realized: he didn't really provide any data. About the only meaningful information I could glean from his article is this: it's a darn good thing we don't have a crowd of Muslims ruling over us. And that's just one more very good reason to keep and bear arms!



What an absurd article. Thanks for sharing it with me. These people just don't get it. What's the funniest is that he argues against himself and doesn't even realize it. He states that armed terrorists are a real threat in the US and that the solution is for the US citizens to disarm. These opponents of the second ammendment just don't understand that the second amendment doesn't give us the right to bear arms. Self preservation is a G-d given right. The only reason it was put there was to insure that this right wouldn't be taken away. But, I digress, I'm preaching to the choir. Thanks again.



Dear Liberty Crew,

Thank you for all you do to defend our freedom. You are an inspiration.

Your rebuttal of Junaid Afeef's column was brilliant. You dissected his assertions point by point and exposed him as an arch-liar and propagandist.

I try to respond to as many freedom-haters as I can. Copied below is my email to Mr. Afeef.

I believe we are about to see an escalation of the battle against our Bill of Rights. I hope the majority of the people are not as easily deceived as Mr. Afeef believes they are.


Dear Mr. Afeef,

I have just read your opinion piece about the necessity of repealing the Second Amendment to prevent terrorist attacks using guns.

Since Muslim terrorists routinely use the Internet to pass encrypted messages and coordinate mass murders, perhaps YOUR First Amendment rights should be repealed.

I'm being sarcastic, of course. That would be unreasonable, prejudiced and an obvious attack on the rights of the innocent. A few hundred million Internet users will never aid and abet terror, just as 99 percent of gun owners will never use their guns to commit crimes. Your familiarity with the Department of Justice statistics would have shown you this. I can understand why you would prefer that it remain unknown by your readers.

To punish an entire class of people for the acts -- especially the as-yet-uncommitted acts -- of a tiny minority is fascism. You etch deeper the stereotype of the extremist authoritarian Muslim. I urge you to continue. Americans are at the point of rebelling against further restrictions on the freedom of us all to prevent phantom bad guys from doing ... something.

The only time you will have to fear gun owners is if the government acts on your suggestion and tries to infringe that which shall not be infringed. I am a member of THE militia. So are you. Adults residing in America, according to the Founders, ARE the militia. Each one of us has the right to buy, own and carry a firearm, because that's the way to protect the right to life and liberty. Why anyone would choose to decrease one's own liberty is beyond me. I'm reminded of the liberal anti-gun Los Angeles residents who voted for gun purchase waiting periods -- and then were dismayed to learn that the 16-day wait would apply to THEM when the building-burning rioters were approaching NOW.

Currently, if terrorists decide to attack a place I happen to be, I have the option of taking cover and returning fire, whereas you would prefer that only the terrorists have their illegally-possessed guns (Illegal? So what? They're spineless murdering cowards with no respect for any law or basic human decency. Why would a simple law stop them?) Armed self-defense works in Israel, particularly elementary schools. Since teachers have been allowed to go armed, and Palestinian would-be child-murderers have instead themselves been killed , those attacks no longer happen. As I said, cowards. Bombs and gas against civilians are their preferred cowards' weapons: No possibility of shooting back.

Armed self-defense is a right that predates our country and our Constitution. It is not a right we will relinquish -- ever. Historically, a disarmed people is a subjugated people. Americans have never been that. You and those like you will not make it a reality. We will die resisting, if necessary. But we will not go alone. Libertarian columnist Walter Williams said it well: "When you hear that Williams's guns have been taken, you'll know that Williams is dead."

If one agent of gun confiscation dies with him, that will be a fair trade. Many of us feel that way. Eventually the confiscations would cease or the majority of the people would wake up to the growing tyranny. The Founders said the Tree of Liberty must at times be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. I know which I am. Which are you?


It remains amazing to this old citizen,that the left,including the Muslim writer, can pick apart our constitution,when they very obviously are biased against it. In particular the second amendment seems to be the "whipping boy"of the Bill of Rights.
One has only to read the Federalist Papers to fully understand what the drafters meant. It is pure idiocy for anyone to believe that this government,national,state,or local has the means to protect all of its citizenry.

I for one will do everything in my power to resist and rise up against terrorists from ANYWHERE!!!!!!



Dear sirs,

I sent the following based on your email. I will let you know whether he responds or not. I hope I shocked him about concealed carry. And yes, I'm licensed by my state to conceal carry.


Dear Sir,

The threat of an Islamofacist armed with an explosive belt is greater in the Middle East than in America. And most of America has a hidden deterrent to your Islamofacist: State licensed people carrying concealed firearms. How many stores do you visit on a routine basis and know for sure that there is not at least one person present who is duly licensed and carrying a concealed handgun? There are more legally armed people walking around America than you are aware of.

And by the way, the incident at the Branch Dividian compound in Waco, TX, was an attempt by the government (Clinton Administration) to forcefully confiscate firearms. It has yet to be factually proved that the Branch Dividians possessed any "illegal" firearms.

While we're at it, why not throw out the entire Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States? Take away one freedom and you might as well take them all!

Very respectfully,



One of the most sickening things I've read in a while. I took the time to respond to him....Thanks for the heads up.



I'm afraid that I will have to disapoint the ISPU writer. For Christmas this year, I bought my wife (who is not a shooter) a German 8 mm Mauser, and I will take her out to the range and make sure she knows how to use it. The price was right, so I also bought one for myself. My three oldest sons (none out of their teens yet) each thought the price was right, so they each bought one. That's five, and I fully expect to be investigated by someone. Seems to me that the time has come that we can no longer afford to be unarmed. We have overseas enemies, we are currently being invaded, and we have enough domestic enemies elected to high office to be able to pass laws that are blatantly unconstitutional.

None of that even counts the increase in crime. Might be time to start looking for real estate in Tasmania or New Zealand, or time to reread the declaration of independence. I have always believed in the right. Time has come to exercise it. We are in a several front war. Thank you for doing your part to keep us free.


PS -- I had many talks with a friend of mine. He explains, at the drop of a participle, why he wears a tattooed number on his arm, that Hitler was elected on a law and order platform in 1933, and that when they actually start coming for you it is already too late for discussions and talks. Two of my sons are Eagle Scouts, and the rest are on that path. They WILL have at least the knowledge base.


Dear Sir,

Thank you for bringing the article to my attention. Your rebuttal, is outstanding.

You brought out the fact that millions of Jews have been killed over time. Germany and Russia come to mind. In that light and given the history of the Jews, I find it puzzling that as a group so many of the Jewish faith are so anti-gun. As a total group, this should be the most pro-gun of any.

I shoot IDPA competition and one of my fellow shooters is Jewish. I asked him why, given the history of the Jewish people, were they so anti-gun. The answer he gave, "I think they have a death wish", spoke volumes. Sadly, I think he is correct.

Keep up the good work that the JPFO is doing.






I agree with your analysis...keep up the good work.


Sounds to me as if the Muslims think we Americans are stupid enough to give up our guns, and rights so that they (the Muslims), can walk into Washington and take over. One word, spoken so many years ago, also to an idiot.


Honestly, I think that the way you took this anti-Americans article apart piece by piece was fantastic.
Still, I can't see how our views can make any difference at all to the Nancy Pelosi's in our government.
Thanks so much though for trying so hard!

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