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March 16, 2007

What Can I Do?

Since our March 12 alert, "The Parker Decision: Celebrate, but with Grave Concerns" (, we've gotten several letters from supporters asking, "What can we do?"

There's no easy answer.

Regarding the possibility of the Parker decision being overturned, there is very little the average citizen can do to influence it one way or another. One of the features of our court system is that it is largely impervious to public reaction in the short term. Theoretically, this is a good thing.

The legal system does, however, respond to society's views in the long term. For instance, one could argue that the Left has had a huge influence on the legal system by shifting opinions broadly in intellectual circles initially, and gradually at the grassroots level. A handful of decades ago, very few Americans liked the concept of communism or socialism. But over the years universities impressed students with the "advantages" and "fairness" of such systems, and eventually the whole country came to think that socialism is no big deal. End result? The US is steeped in socialist policies, with no turning back in sight.

It is JPFO's opinion that our movement's long term goal -- ending the farcical, suicidal policies of "gun control" -- can only be achieved by shifting people's opinions at both the intellectual and grass roots levels. We must wake up our countrymen to the dangerous position in which they naively place themselves -- the position of disarmed and helpless victims.

Scientists define the term "critical mass" as the scale or volume at which processes become self-perpetuating. Before critical mass is reached, a process must be continually fed in order to continue growing; it cannot sustain itself. But after critical mass is reached, the process takes on a life of its own and no longer requires assistance to continue and grow.

Too many of us have been taught all of our lives to rely on others -- particularly our government or "the authorities" -- to protect us from danger. Reversing a lifetime of conditioning is not easy task, but it MUST be accomplished if we wish to preserve our right to self-defense. When a critical mass of Americans truly understands that ultimately each of us is responsible for our own safety and welfare, then and only then will our government be forced to halt their attempts at disarming us.

What can you do? Educate.

JPFO's website contains hundreds of powerful, well-researched articles outlining the importance of the Second Amendment and the dangers of allowing yourself to be disarmed. These articles are free for the asking and free to reproduce (just reprint in whole, including JPFO's contact information). You can start here:

Another free resource is our alerts list, which you can subscribe to by sending a blank email to "". We keep you updated with the latest news on gun ownership, Second Amendment issues, and threats to your rights. You can read all of our past alerts at .

Yet another resource is our Freebies page, where you can print out posters, cartoons, coloring books, and shooting targets. These make great conversation starters. Just visit .

In addition, our online store has dozens of products at very reasonable prices that are designed specifically to wake up the uninformed. Go to for such items as:

- Our award winning documentary _Innocents Betrayed_, which shows the link between "gun control" and genocide (available in DVD or by download)
- Our Gran'pa Jack comic booklets, which are designed to explain complex subjects like "gun control" and the dangers of the United Nations, in easy-to-understand terms
- Our t-shirts, with clever, intriguing designs that act as great icebreakers
- And of course, books like _The State vs the People_, which carefully and logically breaks down the elements of a police state ... and shows how far the US has slid down that slope.
- Don't forget our soon-to-be-released documentary _The Gang_, which aims to ABOLISH the BATFE and the federal control and regulation of our firearms altogether. You can read more about it at

If armed self-defense seems so insane to so many people -- and it does -- then we cannot expect a few letters or a demonstration to change the mind of the D.C. Circuit en banc about the Second Amendment. Only when enough Americans understand what is at stake do we have real hope of taking our country back.

Knowledge is power.

- The Liberty Crew


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