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April 9, 2007

True Conservative Values

A few weeks ago, we put up our Second Amendment Voter poll (, asking the following questions:

1. Would you vote for a political party that you normally would not vote for if that party made the abolition of all federal gun control laws and the BATFE a plank of their campaign?

2. If neither of the two major parties made the abolition of all federal gun control laws and the BATFE a plank of their campaign, would you vote for a third party that did?

Nearly 3,000 people have responded; that's almost _twice_ the average sample size of a Gallup poll! And the results were interesting, to say the least. Over 90% of respondents answered yes to #1, and nearly as many agreed with #2.

We believe that conservative politicians and organizations should consider the implications of this poll very, very carefully. Many of them take their conservative base for granted -- and they shouldn't.

Recently reported that "[conservative] talk-radio hosts who support President Bush on the Iraq war seem to be losing audience share — while those who have turned against the war are benefiting from their flip-flop."(1) This is just one example that what used to be considered a given -- that a conservative audience is pro-war -- is no longer necessarily true. Conservatives are re-evaluating their positions and are not afraid to change loyalties if their values are no longer reflected.

States conservative writer Chuck Baldwin, "Our national conservative Christian leaders have lost touch with the reality of our nation's ills and how to cure them."(2) Our poll affirms his assertion.

Having watched their rights erode for the last four decades, gun owners have become understandably disgusted with the "new ghetto Jews" ( ) who would happily compromise away their freedoms in the name of "moderation". The lesser of two political evils is no longer obvious, so gun owners are narrowing their political focus. To a growing majority, other causes and issues -- while still important -- are simply LESS important than their unconditional right to keep and bear arms.

Bottom line: Conservative groups who are not focused on the Second Amendment risk losing the support of their conservative base.

Because they need to know, we're forwarding this alert to dozens of conservative organizations and personalities. We'd like to ask you to help spread the word as well. Send others to vote at; we'll leave the poll open for a few more weeks to allow others to chime in.

It's time conservative groups began truly representing the most conservative of conservative values: the right to defend one's life. And this starts with abolishing all federal "gun control" laws.

- The Liberty Crew

(1), "Many Talkers Not Supporting Iraq War"
(2) Chuck Baldwin, "James Dobson Just Doesn't Get It"

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