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June 27, 2007

Is the NRA On Its Knees to Please?

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Is the NRA just another "gun control" group? Alan Korwin, author of _Gun Laws of America_, seems to think so. In his article, "Many NRA Members 'Confused' by Proposed Gun Bill" ( or ), Korwin takes the NRA to task for "[allying] itself with the most ardent anti-gun-rights forces in the House to quickly push through a bill that would massively increase the NICS Index..."

The Virginia Gun Owners Coalition is also upset with the NRA's part in this bill. Their website, , has several articles on what they call the NRA's "backroom deal making". Naturally, NRA apologists have gone on the attack, calling principled Second Amendment absolutists "pro-gun wackos" in an email that's been making its way across the internet.

This verifies what JPFO has been saying all along. You can read our NRA letter at to see how we respond to what we believe is nothing less than a sellout on the NRA's part.

We alerted you yesterday to our new Uncle Sam handbill ( ), in which Uncle Sam says "True Americans Don't Tolerate 'Gun Control'". What we'd like to know is, are there any True Americans in the NRA leadership anymore?

- The Liberty Crew

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