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Reader Responses to "Is NRA On Its Knees to Please?"

(Please note these responses are reader opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of JPFO)

Years ago, the City of Omaha crafted what was going to be among the toughest gun restrictions in the country. Basically, you could have a gun in your home, but once you brought it outside into public, even on your front porch, without it being locked up in a case apart from the ammunition, you went to jail. The NRA came down and helped defeat that malarkey.

Round 2 began a few months later, with the city having revised its bill, making anyone who wished to carry a gun obtain a permit, after having jumped through hoops like a background check, being fingerprinted and photographed, paying fees, carrying the card, etc. It was to be good for two years, at which time you'd have to go through some of the steps again.

We called the NRA for help, expecting them to send someone to help defeat this, but no one came. Why? Because THEY HELPED THE CITY WRITE THE NEW BILL.

Several of us fighting the bill canceled our memberships on the spot.

NRA: the nation's largest gun control organization.

Ron Paul: America's last chance?


Excellent reply to the NRA. Their actions as of late have had me very concerned as well and is the reason I haven't renewed my membership with them. Thanks for the info.


As always, I agree w/you.I am an NRA Patron Member. In the past, I've written the NRA @ these cave-ins. Never got a good answer back (if I got answer). Oh yeah, the NRA is very good at drafting these eMails to their members. Sound really clear & OK, but it's not always the case as you well know, & I get clobbered by gun owners that want to know why these things happen. The answer is that the NRA considers us radical right(?) firearms owners. Well; OK, I suppose I am in the radical right & I admit it. What really irks me is a lot of people I run into (frequently at gun shows!) is that some are not members of ANY pro-gun organization!!! I reckon they don't want to part w/a few $ to join one. Ridiculous! They want us to do all the fighting for them at our expense. If pressured too hard my usual escape is that were it not for the NRA, we would not be here discussing this today; which is true, but I get tired of using that cliche'. Keep up the good fight guys!


I am a member of the NRA. I am also a member of jpfo for the same reasons. It has been "confusing" me that the NRA has supported a number of conflicting issues. I wrote them a letter clarifying my reasons as to why they have lost support. I haven't heard from them yet. It is likely I will close my membership and continue to support organizations that know the consequences of compromise. Thank you.


Continuing to support the NRA because they are supposedly the biggest 'advocate' of gun rights is like supporting Hitler because he was supposedly a great environmentalist.

Oregon State Shooting Association is looking into forming a PAC to combat the NRA's sellout and to UNQUESTIONINGLY support the Second Amendment.


BTW, it is the same crew (LaPierre and Cox) that gave us the 1994 AW ban and told us it was the best we could hope for. They then milked it for another million dues-paying members. I remember those bastards like it was yesterday...... If I didn't need to belong for competition reasons, I'd drop my NRA life membership in a heartbeat.

Methinks they are too close to the problem. They won't get invited to the good DC parties if they act like you guys (and GOA).


I agree the NRA is not representing my second amendment freedom's. As of last week I did not renew my NRA membership. I now will be supporting JPFO, and the Virginia Gunowners Coalition. I am fed up with the NRA.


Well, this is what you can expect from an organization that supported the re-election of Bush in 2004. BTW, on Alternet on Monday there was an article about guns. Alternet is on the left, as you know, and as you might expect the article was full of psycho-babble and anti-gun rhetoric. I wrote a reply, pulling out all stops. Basically I said that if you are going to have any gun laws whatsoever then you have a situation where there are 2 classes of people, the government officials who are better than everyone else and the peons who do as they are told.

I had no time to read other comments, but there were a lot of pro-gun ones, so apparently Alternet has a good libertarian readership.


Having lived in the Wash.D.C.metro area, south of the Potomac, for 53 years it is my conclusion that "Liberal America" has made a decided effort to infiltrate all aspects of political life the United States. While I have not seen a written plan for this undermining of American values I have seen the actions that lead me to believe that the "Liberals"intend to conquer from within. The current stance of the N.R.A.. People of a liberal history running on Republican tickets as "Centrist" candidates. Political Consultants playing both sides of the net. Etc. Washington D.C. creates insidious people by association. All of the Jackels are here because of the easy prey "MONEY & POWER". These fiends do not care who or what they represent or sell out as long as they achieve their goal. 537 hangings for treason would go a long way toward fixing the American Government and their associates.


I have not renewed my membership to the NRA as a result of their stand on the latest Bill.


Alan Korwin supports concealed carry permits. He thinks it's OK to convert a right into a government-issued privilege that requires a fee. He even fought for that in Arizona! As for the other NRA members . . . what would they do if Second Amendment rights were acknowledged? They'd have to disband and stop collecting dues from suckers. Oh no! The NRA has become more important than the principle. Of course.


The obvios answer to the last question is: If there is any, they are not making the decisions.


Thanks for the good work you guys do. The NRA called me the other day asking for a donation to stop the gun-grabbers. I told them to call me back when they're no longer among them. I've let my JPFO membership lapse, apparently, so my check will be in the mail in the next day or two, G-D willing.

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