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July 23, 2007

Another Handbill to Mock Another Politician

In our continuing effort to "Humiliate and Repudiate" those politicians who support Nazi-based 'gun control' laws, JPFO proudly presents our latest handbill at . In it Senator Christopher Dodd is shown under a headline that will no doubt lead to his indulging in plenty of back-pedaling, excuse-making, weasle-words and Washington double-speak!

"Humiliate and Repudiate" ( ) is a guerrilla marketing campaign to reach out to gun owners quickly. It's easy for you to participate simply by passing along our handbills to everyone you know. And it's easy for others to get the message without having to dig through a lot of complex information. It's imperative you immediately download this handbill, so you can have it to use for years to come.

Our handbills are free for you to download and distribute for non-commercial purposes. You can view them all at .

- The Liberty Crew

PS Right in Chris Dodd's backyard, Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe will be presenting "What do the Rabbis have to say about gun control"? at Chabad House of Greater Hartford, CT. For more information, go to or


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