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November 17th 2008

Celebrate Bill of Rights Day at The Wrigley Mansion! (Arizona)


Spend a little time enjoying what makes America great, and celebrate your rights. Join people nationwide who will break bread with their neighbors, and as a group read the Bill of Rights, on the day it was ratified in 1791.

In Arizona this year the event takes place at one of the most spectacular sites in the state -- the exquisite Wrigley Mansion.

Attendees will read the original Bill of Rights out loud from a parchment copy, and then jointly discuss its health in town-hall style. Is it working? Are our rights intact? What are the threats to the precious rights we hold dear? What are the prospects for the future?

This is the sixth year in a row that Arizonans have gathered to recognize and honor one of the most important documents ever created. Join us!

You will remember this experience for a long time to come.

The Wrigley Mansion is honored and delighted to provide the use of its Garden Terrace Room for this special event.

Monday, Dec. 15, 2008, 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.
The Wrigley Mansion
2501 E. Telawa Trail; Phoenix, AZ

You MUST RSVP to attend.
Email your RSVP to:

**Please indicate if additional guests will be joining you

"Resort casual" or business attire (no jeans or shorts please)

Full details of agenda, with driving and parking instructions:

This is a golden opportunity to visit a magnificent Phoenix landmark,
while celebrating a tradition that changed planet Earth.

You MUST RSVP to attend.
Space is limited.
Respond no later than 12/12/08!
Seating is limited, don't delay!

Special passes for news media personnel contact Jill Johnson, 602-553-7382.

Are you already occupied or too far away to join us? Hold your own event! Gather with friends on Mon., Dec. 15, morning noon or night, and read the Bill of Rights -- aloud. It's a magical moment, as the words sing out. Take time in your busy schedule to enjoy this reflective pause, and recount the tremendous values these freedoms have brought to you, your family and the world. Honor your American heritage, help set an example for the planet.

Remember: "All of the Bill of Rights for All of the People."


The Liberty Crew

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