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February 10th 2009

Does the BOR Apply to Illegal Aliens?

JPFO does not get involved with the immigration debate because we are focused on destroying "gun control", but we want to bring this article from The Washington Times to your attention. (JPFO site copy here)

The lead attorney in the case David T. Hardy, who is defending an American citizen, is also the script writer for the the JPFO movie "The Gang," a documentary film exposing criminal activity at the BATFE. We at JPFO agree with David that illegal aliens are undeserving of all the protections under the Bill of Rights (BOR).

We encourage you to share this article with everyone. It is time for the American people to make it crystal clear to illegals that the BOR is no longer their "get out of jail free card."

We invite you to go to obtain the BOR in Spanish and show it to illegals. If they do not want to read it and fully embrace the BOR, then point them to the border.

We have suffered from diversity, tolerance, and political correctness for far too long.


The Liberty Crew

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