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May 21st 2009

Remembering the Sacrifice

This Memorial Day, we need to especially remember our brave Americans in uniform who serve to defend our Constitution, especially as they are ordered to serve in hell holes that despise Christians and Jews, and in other snake pits around the world.

We owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to those who have died defending our freedoms. Even when the government is once again bound by the Bill of Rights, we will have only made a small down payment to those who have sacrificed so much for our benefit.

Many people fail to grasp the horror and great evil of what is called war. JPFO has been granted permission to use rare photos of the murdering of Americans by the Japanese military at Pearl Harbor on December seventh 1941.

Please share these photos with the ignorant and uninformed and don't forget to take your loved ones to the grave of a fallen hero this Memorial Day and say thank you.

The Liberty Crew

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