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May 28th 2009

JPFO Launches the "No Guns for Negroes" Film

Introducing The Movie U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, Hates ....

Why? ...... “NO GUNS FOR NEGROES” Reveals His Racist Policies.

The biggest impact 2A film in decades – “No Guns for Negroes” – is now online for your FREE viewing.

Feared by many 2A enemies, the film has the power and authority to literally destroy the credibility of parasitic Black community leaders and ministers – and main stream media – as they pimp gun control lies for their racist Congressional bosses.

Keep the Second Amendment strong and securely protected by immediately viewing and downloading, “No Guns for Negroes” and make sure everyone you know sees the film and passes it on, here.

The penalty for refusing the use of “No Guns for Negroes”? Chances are far greater that as the future unfolds you’ll have to introduce yourself as a former gun owner.

Be sure to see our latest digital handbill for "No Guns for Negroes", on our homepage and share it with the world.

A FREE, high-quality DVD of "No Guns for Negroes" is yours with a one-year JPFO membership. Make a two-year commitment and you also get a FREE copy of the award winning “2A Today for the USA”, another pro-2A film released just before “No Guns for Negroes”. Together, the films are a devastating “one-two” punch. Store membership index page.


Get the film in the hands of pro-freedom media, websites, and blogs. This is quick and simple. Just send the link, along with a few brief comments…

A hearty “Thank You” to all JPFO members and supporters who made this history-making production possible. Racism is the soft underbelly of anti-2A pimps, and this film lays them out for what they really are!

Contact: Aaron S. Zelman, Executive Producer.
1-262-673-9745 Email

The Liberty Crew

You can give the gift of freedom, and it's free. Email this link widely and make copies of "2A Today for the USA" to give away - go there right now. The message and information in this definitive film is possibly the only significant way you can do something active to protect your free right of gun ownership.

Use our latest 2A Today handbills - make copies and hand out to all your contacts.

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