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June 19th 2009

Are Black Politicians Ignoring The Truth?

The U.S. Senate approved a resolution yesterday as a formal apology to African-Americans for slavery and all its injustices.

The question JPFO asks is how do you apologize to African-Americans for slavery if the Congress continues to enforce "gun control" laws that that still enslave ALL Americans and deny us the full measure of our right to self defense?

Another question to be asked of The Congressional Black Caucus is why are they demanding reparations for past injustices when they whole heartedly continue to support victim disarmament policies of the constituents who vote for them?

Please share our latest Bobby Rush handbill with members of your community and expose Bobby Rush, who eagerly desires to disarm and enslave ALL Americans. He is still sponsoring H.R. 45 - legislation to obliterate 2A - read David Codrea comment from January 09.It is time for black politicians to watch the JPFO film "No Guns for Negroes" and demand ALL gun control laws that negatively impact decent Americans be abolished or else they should be viewed as opportunistic frauds.

The Liberty Crew

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