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July 2nd 2009

No 2A - No 4/7

As we approach July 4th, it is vitally important that all gun owners make sure the public clearly understands that only an armed people are a free people. Please share our freedom films with everyone you come in contact with.

Our award winning "2A Today for The USA" film, helps simplify your job in showing the numerous benefits of The Second Amendment and why it is necessary for the security of a free people

Our latest film, "No Guns for Negroes", helps you put gun prohibitionists on the defensive as they need to be challenged for their aggressive support of racist policies. They must be exposed and their anti- American agenda must be destroyed.

Remember both films are FREE, please share them today!

The Liberty Crew

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You can give the gift of freedom, and it's free. Email this link widely and make copies of "2A Today for the USA" to give away - go there right now. The message and information in this definitive film is possibly the only significant way you can do something active to protect your free right of gun ownership.  Now also, be sure to do the same to promote the latest film - "No Guns for Negroes"

Use our latest 2A Today handbills - make copies and hand out to all your contacts.

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