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July 15th 2009

Deliver a Knockout Punch to the
Soft Underbelly of Gun Prohibitionists

How many books, articles and opinions have you read on defending your rights against relentless gun prohibitionists without positive results?

Given the cowardly surrender of gun owner rights -- no matter if Democratic or Republican politicians are in control -- are you still trying to reason with or even educate them?

How much success have you had? How much time do you have to continue trying to share the truth with them?

Now is your chance to go on the attack with devastating evidence of the racist roots of gun control. An attack that will humiliate the opposition -- especially Obama loyalists who falsely accuse gun owners of racism.

Start asking every anti-gun person you know the following questions, after you have viewed "No Guns for Negroes".


1) - Why do you so aggressively support policies based on racial fear?

2) - Why are you so fearful of non-whites owning firearms?

3) - Why do you support policies that have enslaved people for almost 300 years?


Now it's your turn to set the terms of the debate -- and you will control the confrontation.

Stay on point and demand direct answers to your questions about their affinity for racist "gun control" policies.

Don't waste your time responding to their agenda driven statements and propaganda, just challenge them to watch "No Guns for Negroes".

Remember, the enemy fears the truth and racist driven "gun control" is their soft underbelly.

Challenge them to answer these penetrating questions and help destroy their game plan or you can most assuredly can call them racist.

The Liberty Crew
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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