August 26th 2009

Take a Sip and Save 2A Today

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JPFO has created a great conversation starter to make it easy for you to promote and protect our 2A rights.

Enjoy a beverage in our new patriotic JPFO mug, and talk about your favorite subject. When it comes to talking up 2A, JPFO films have so much to say.

Learn how easily you can:

1.. EXPLAIN gun control registration schemes and the genocide connection. ("Innocents Betrayed")

2.. EXPOSE the racist roots of gun control laws. ("No Guns for Negroes" – free online at )

3.. EXPOSE the criminal activities of the BATFE. ("The Gang")

4.. TELL others about the Nazi roots of American gun control laws. ("The Gang")

5..TEACH others how 2A is good for them and the USA ("2A Today for the USA" – free online at )

6..ENLIGHTEN others about why the militia is needed today. ("2A Today for the USA" – free online at )

7..TALK up all of the Bill of Rights for all Citizens. ("The Bill of Rights or Bust")

Our enemies fear JPFO award-winning films. Make sure others view them, learn, and join our efforts to save ALL of our rights. Find out more.

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger mug pictures which will better show the imprinted material.

JPFO Mug front
The front showing the JPFO logo
JPFO Mug back
Rear, artwork listing JPFO films.

The Liberty Crew
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

You can give the gift of freedom, and it's free. Email this link widely and make copies of "2A Today for the USA" to give away - go there right now. The message and information in this definitive film is possibly the only significant way you can do something active to protect your free right of gun ownership.  Now also, be sure to do the same to promote the latest film - "No Guns for Negroes"

Use our latest 2A Today handbills - make copies and hand out to all your contacts.

Remember to check out all JPFO's movies

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Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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