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November 11th 2009

"Funny, he doesn't look like a Nazi."

We at JPFO wish this latest handbill were not needed. But it is. As we honor our veterans on Veterans Day, we ask you to ponder the question: “What was World War II all about if we are going to live under Nazi inspired laws?”. See the handbill at and also on the freebies page - - with an option for a larger size. Also - review this page about the Gun Control Act of 1968 - and also the book, "Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny.

Our present government, under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama disarmed the recent victims in the Ft. Hood shootings. The hateful, un-American, and murderous attack on our soldiers by Nadal Malik Hasan, was, ironically stopped by the heroic actions of civilian police. Isn’t it absurd that the police have to protect our soldiers?

Please circulate this handbill amongst family, friends, and especially any members of the military you know. The insanity that is “gun control” has perhaps never been more profoundly demonstrated than it was at Ft. Hood, Texas. Remember these unarmed victims of “gun control” and do something about it.


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