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November 25th 2009

What would Thanksgiving be without our veterans?

We have received a letter from one of our supporters, a disabled veteran, who really appreciates and understands the BoR. Please find a few moments to give thanks to our veterans this Thanksgiving for all they have given. Now it is time do our part to preserve all they have sacrificed for.


Terry B wrote:

"My Friends and Fellow Americans,

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hard work and dedication your organization and all of the members have put forth since your becoming JPFO!

JPFO has stood for what America is all about and has been our voice against those who wish to destroy our freedom and our way of life. Without you all and several other dedicated organizations we who love and enjoy the freedoms that were bought and paid for by the blood, sweat and lives of many men and women who fought and served to preserve our way of life would have had our rights and freedom removed by those who believe in the ideas of the left wing. Please do not ever give up on America and those who love freedom.

As Thanksgiving approaches I and my family would like to wish everyone of you and your families a very wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. If it were not for folks like you all we would not be enjoying this special time of the year and would not be able to freely choose what do we wish to eat on this day, Turkey or Ham? I did put in a little humor, but truly know this, without your help and support we as America would no longer exist.

I pray G-d will watch over and bless everyone of you and your families and through G-d's love may He keep all of you safe and well everyday and bring everyone of you through the coming storms that are about to come upon America for the way they who run the government have turned their backs on G-d and Israel. May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Yours Truly
Terry B

PS: As a 100% Disabled Veteran, I ask you all to remember those who have been injured while serving and their families, the families of those who gave their lives for America to remain free and remember those Veterans who are homeless and living on the streets. They deserve more from the Nation they willing served and would have given their lives for."


(Note - In Judaism, the name of the Almighty is not spelled out in non sacred text.)

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If you like what we do for you, then please support us. It is less than 7c a day, only $25 a year ........
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