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December 8th 2009

The Critical Decision for The Bill of Rights


As the nation edges ever closer to possible unrest we have to wonder again whether our military will fire upon its own citizens if so directed. A new article looks at this question with regard to firearms confiscation. Another article also discussed the same matter and included reference to the May 10, 1994 Twenty Nine Palms (CA) Marine base survey by Commander Cunningham.

Read more about The Combat Arms Survey — also here and here as well. Late addition - we have now managed to aquire the article by John F.McManus from the New American, on the 29 Palms Survey.

Possible factors which might initiate military intervention include - a crisis, real or contrived such that there is imposition of martial law. We could see factors such as economic collapse with massive inflation, shortages of food and/or energy (grid collapse), racial strife, and gun confiscations. Whose side will our military be on?

Take the new JPFO poll and cast your vote as to whether you feel the US military would, if ordered to confiscate your guns and you resisted, fire on its own countrymen.

On December 15th,1791 the Bill of Rights was ratified. Do you still want to keep it in force? Please tell us how you plan to protect the BoR a week from today and every day.

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If you like what we do for you, then please support us. It is less than 7c a day, only $25 a year ........
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