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December 21st 2009

Reforming a Criminal Congress — Money and Martial Law


Following our last alert regarding an open letter to congress, we have received a suggestion for a Congressional Reform Bill. please take a look and share with others.

Our ongoing poll is asking your opinion as to whether the US military would fire on its own people in a crisis (specifically regarding the confiscation of firearms.). There have been many comments made, some alarming, and we invite you to look at those. However, the poll question really extends to actions in any crisis and on that note we suggest you read this article, where there are comments from various high level experts and officials regarding a crashing economy as being the single most likely problem to lead to unrest. As always your comments are invited.


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If you like what we do for you, then please support us. It is less than 7c a day, only $25 a year ........
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