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May 31st 2010

Are You an Extremely Patriotic American?



If you say yes, then the "Gun Controllers" want to destroy your 2A rights. Please read this alert from The John Birch Society and learn more.

Previously JPFO alerted you about the stealth hearings concerning this legislation.

Please don't ignore this information or the sacrifices so many have made for 2A.


The Battle of Midway is a supreme example of why we honor our fallen veterans this day. The US Navy filmed the battle and with the direction of John Ford an 18 minute film is available for you to watch. Enjoy and share with others as you remember the achievements and sacrifices of our armed forces.

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day and remember the heavy price that has been paid for our trampled freedoms.


"No Guns for Jews" film project. With the Obama Administration's determination to bring our gun rights under more government control and Jewish politicians all to eager to help, you are going to need the intellectual ammo this film will provide.


The JPFO Liberty Crew
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