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June7th 2010

It's Time for “In Your Face” Tactics



The liberal social engineers, and their political shills, have fed their lapdogs in the Mainstream Media the “gun control” party line. For generations it has poisoned the American consciousness.

Without the sophisticated brainwashing agenda of NBC, CBS, ABC, and the “educational” PBS, the socialist proponents of citizen disarmament would have long ago been crushed and defeated.

To aid in the goal of destroying “gun control”, JPFO has prepared three versions of a placard (and handbill) that are aimed directly at the soft underbelly of the media. These are purposely designed to be used at gun shows, Tea Party rallies, or any form of demonstration that seeks to send a hard core rebuttal to those who smear gun owners as racists.

During rallies, make sure you shove the placard in the face of everyone holding a camera. We never know when that image might turn up on the news or go viral. Go here for free pdf files of the placards and handbills.

Many print shops can expand these files up to size 18” x 24”.

The goal? To bring millions of eyes and ears to the irrefutable historical facts presented in the landmark documentary made possible by JPFO supporters.

Go here to view a free download of “No Guns for Negroes”

Do your part today to destroy “gun control”.


"No Guns for Jews" film project. With the Obama Administration's determination to bring our gun rights under more government control and Jewish politicians all to eager to help, you are going to need the intellectual ammo this film will provide.


The JPFO Liberty Crew
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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