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July 4th 2010

Paranoia? You Decide



Could this Independence Day 2010 possibly be our last ? Does this seem a melodramatic statement?

Go read this article - and let it be a pause for thought. Be sure to view the many comments. (NOTE - we have had reports of that site yielding malware ..... apart from the comments on the page, read the article itself safely here on JPFO - warning details for original site .. here and here). 

Remember the famous phrase we have most all now heard , "Never let a good crisis go to waste". Does the thought of all your rights being wiped out in an instant matter to you?

"Not in America" you may say, but reflect harder and just think "outside of the box"

(Article main content is archived here on JPFO)



"No Guns for Jews" film project. With the Obama Administration's determination to bring our gun rights under more government control and Jewish politicians all to eager to help, you are going to need the intellectual ammo this film will provide.


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