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July 16th 2010

The Battle of Athens and Honest Elections.



August 1st and 2nd 1946, were bell-weather days in the history of American political freedom. Few people understand the immense significance the “Battle of Athens” has for Americans today. We invite you to read the story, and then even consider staging your own reenactment.

What if you were one of those brave G.I.s returning from the bloody grounds of Europe or the Pacific and you were confronted by corrupt and arrogant politicians denying you honest elections in your own home town? Imagine that you had fought for freedom in foreign lands and you return home to find your own liberty under attack.

What would you have done?

You will decide what you would have done after reading “The Battle of Athens”. What would you do if it happened today?



Our latest "Destroy Gun Control" film project ("No Guns for Jews") is ahead of schedule. If you want to be listed in the Producers Circle, we need to hear from you now. Use the link to read about it, then either use the included donation form or call JPFO, (262)-673-9745.


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