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July 22nd 2010

We Can Defeat the Schumerites and the ADL.



The nearly completed JPFO film "No Guns for Jews" is intended to repudiate, humiliate, shame, and, once and for all, defeat Jewish "Gun Controllers" (including those on the Supreme Court).

This very persuasive educational project is to the “ten yard line”, but still needs your financial support. Only JPFO can effectively present this vitally important production.

We want to complete the film in the next few weeks to give you intensely effective new “intellectual ammunition” for this fall’s crucial turning point in American history. Please visit the introduction page and let us hear from you.

FREE DVDs of the film (that you may copy) are given to our financial supporters. “No Guns for Jews” is a somber and deeply sincere presentation. No intellectually honest Jew or Christian can view “No Guns for Jews” and not come away changed.

Our lives and our personal freedom, and those of our loved ones, are precious gifts from G-d. We are commanded by G-d to defend that life and freedom. This film drives that point home with urgent and rational intensity.

Friends, we have reached a critical “tipping point” in America. American Jews and their non-Jewish cohorts who advocate “gun control” must be persuaded to stop their attacks on the Second Amendment. The tide can still be turned. Failure is not an option. Thank you for any support you can give towards the completion of this vitally important work towards destroying "Gun Control".

Aaron Zelman.



Our latest "Destroy Gun Control" film project ("No Guns for Jews") is ahead of schedule. If you want to be listed in the Producers Circle, we need to hear from you now. Use the link to read about it, then either use the included donation form or call JPFO, (262)-673-9745.


The JPFO Liberty Crew
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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