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September 14th 2010

A New Second Amendment Song



We invite you to listen to and enjoy a new song by Thomas Paden. He asked JPFO to share it with you and we'd like to know what you think about it and how you might use it

He wrote this song called "Second Amendment" with Eddie Kilgallon and Lucas Hoge and has had many of his songs recorded by artists such as Kenny Rogers, Lee Greenwood, Aaron Neville, Tammy Wynette, George Strait, and many others, but he considers this is by far the most important song he has ever written. Eddie Kilgallon is a hit songwriter and Lucas Hoge is an artist who is singing this song. Lucas is also starring in an Animal Planet show called Last Chance Highway, which airs on Saturday nights.

Have you watched "No Guns For Jews" yet?  Pay close attention to the strategy we have created for you to use to put our enemies on the defensive and in doing so, abolish "gun control". The "No Guns For Jews" homepage is here -



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