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2A Supporters Attack
Biased Newsweek Article
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2A Supporters Attack Biased
Newsweek Article

By Rachel Lawrence. May 25th, 2017

If there's one thing all who propose strong gun restriction laws should realize, it's that 2nd Amendment supporters know their stuff, and we're not afraid to call you out on misinformation.

In a Newsweek opinion article masquerading as a news, a Boston University professor and a BU researcher argued for stricter gun control laws by using a new public database they created regarding state firearm laws. While the database itself is quite interesting, their arguments, presented with fancy diagrams and statistics about rising gun death rates, became low-hanging fodder for 2nd Amendment supporters within hours of its publication.

Readers quickly picked up on problems with the "study", most specifically that the authors were not taking into consideration historical trends and instead merely considering data that filled their pre-formed opinions towards guns. The ensuing comments on Newsweek alone are worth reading. .......

Anti-gun bias once again rules the day. "Facts" and their distortions plus inaccuracies are the usual fodder, in order to try and sucker readers into believing how bad things are - all in order to recruit more people to join the anti-gun movement. As it happens, the pro-gun community sees through most of the misleading junk and must continue to enthusiastically do so whenever possible - let's keep the record straight.

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