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Let's Prepare for Current
Anti-Gun Political Situation
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Let's Prepare for Current
Anti-Gun Political Situation

By Harold Hutchison. January 14th, 2019

This month, the seating of a new anti-gun Congress, makes for a good chance to provide Second Amendment supporters who are new to actively working to protect our rights some pointers, as well as to give those who have been long-time activists a bit of a refresher (it never hurts). We all know our objective is to preserve the Second Amendment. But how do we get there from here?

That is a good question, but before you know how to get there from here, you first need to know where "here" is. So, the first step for a newly-politically active Second Amendment supporter isn't to set up a protest of some anti-Second Amendment politician. It's to hit the books and the internet search engines - because you have a lot to learn. Defending the Second Amendment involves more than spouting off in a comments section, where everyone already agrees. All too often, the Second Amendment supporter who goes off half-cocked ends up helping Bloomberg.

You need the facts on Second Amendment issues. NRA-ILA has a number of fact sheets that can give you a good handle on the federal issues we face. You don't have to be a member to access them, either. But that is not all you need to learn in order to effectively defend the Second Amendment in the political arena. .......

Opinion probably varies on this subject but it seems wise to plan a strategy for defense of the Second Amendment. Perhaps one key factor is being 'armed' with all the reliable data that can be found in order to be able to make informed arguments and so dispel the many myths that those seeking infringement commonly demonstrate. All too often those wanting to disarm good people have their heads in the sand as well as showing a lack common sense, and also frequently too much emphasis on pure emotion.

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You just have to love freedom.

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