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Gun Control Lessons for Morons
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Gun Control Lessons for Morons

By Dan Mitchell. August 28th, 2016

While I'm depressed about the election and America's economic future, the news isn't completely grim. Advocates of personal freedom are winning on the issue of guns.

Gun ownership has become more pervasive and legal protections for the Second Amendment have expanded, all of which is very good news for those of us who want a more law-abiding society.

And we also get lots of clever humor on the issue. Though I must confess that I've been negligent about collecting and sharing examples of anti-gun control humor in recent months. I did have an amusing comparison of how Texans and Europeans fight terrorism last month, but otherwise you have to go back to 2015 (see here, here, here, here, and here) and earlier.

So it's time to atone for this oversight with some new humor targeting the pro-gun control crowd.

We'll start with a visit to the University of Texas, which has been the scene of protests because a handful of students are upset that the law has been reformed to allow concealed carry on campus.

David French of National Review looks at this issue with an appropriately sarcastic piece that mocks the left-wing students for their silly tactics. .......

Dan Michell opines on the state of the pro 'gun control' crowd, along with some humor. He also sees an observed improvement in the Second Amendment's legal protections. One statistic which many realize, is that concealed carry people are almost the most law-abiding demographic of Americans - in fact comparing them to the police (Crime Prevention Research Center study ), they only contribute to 14% of firearms violations.

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