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A Pro-Freedom Playbook for Gun Owners
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A Pro-Freedom Playbook for Gun Owners

By Dan Zimmerman. July 25th, 2016

Reader Dallen writes:

The opponents of firearms freedom are working assiduously to undermine our Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, as RF's post on the ARS "gun violence" playbook makes clear.

We may not have the legacy media bully pulpit or the eager help of major ad agencies, but we People of the Gun -- AKA, the "gun lobby" -- can play the playbook game, too. Here's my quick take on a conversation guide for freedom-minded defenders of our nation's most maligned civil right.

First, a few do's and don'ts to help you avoid stepping in the language traps that the progressive spin-doctors have set for us. .....

An interesting opinion regarding how to approach the whole issue of guns and ownership. It's certainly a fact that many staunch anti-gun people do not wish to argue and apply logic - instead preferring to either quote inaccurate 'facts' and/or bluster into vague attempts to justify their position.

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