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Gun Prohibitionists Exploiting Suicide to Advance Disarmament Agenda

By David Codrea. December 2, 2020

"Gun advocates take the lead in embracing suicide prevention message," The Oregonian reported Saturday. "Gun owners and health professionals are coming together to devise new solutions to the public health crisis of suicide." [...]



U.S. Ammo Market, Production Status?

By Dean Weingarten. December 1, 2020

For the second time in a decade, demand for ammunition has outstripped supply in the United States. The first ammunition bubble was from 2012 to 2017. The next started in 2020. Ammunition manufacturers have increased their capacity. In the face of increased demand [...]



Confiscation Clock 1 Minute Closer to Midnite

By JPFO. November 30, 2020

President Trump and the nation are waiting to see the results of the Georgia election, to know who will control the U.S. Senate, and possibly the entire country. The president is driving the left and news media bonkers while he waits to learn [...]



'Safety' Tips from Gun Prohibitionists Have Hidden Agenda

By David Codrea. November 26, 2020

"Gun sales are way up, in Pennsylvania and across the country. And many are first-time owners," The Philadelphia Inquirer notes in a "Philly Tips" column. "Here's what you need to know about gun safety." Gun owners can be forgiven if that assertion causes their antennae to go up [...]



MI: Gun Turn-in Upstaged by Private Buyers

By Dean Weingarten. November 24, 2020

The second phase of the great Grand Rapids Police gun turn-in of 2020 has come and gone. On 7 November, at 851 Leonard St. NW, police stopped the turn-in. The program was labled with the Orwellian term "buyback". A police department cannot "buyback" [...]



How Many Members Of Congress Are Armed On The Job?

By Cam Edwards, November 23, 2020

Concealed carry in the District of Columbia is a fairly new phenomenon; it wasn't until 2017 that the District actually established a process by which folks could obtain a carry license, and "shall issue" concealed carry didn't exist in our nation's capitol until 2018 [...]


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