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Have You Seen "Real" 'Gun Control'?
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Have You Seen "Real" 'Gun Control'?

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By Rob Morse. December 4, 2019
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I watched them on the news. I saw rich politicians with security details tell me to give up my money and my guns. Some politicians promoted 'gun control' after they accepted campaign donations from rich billionaires. These people are saying one thing while they do another. These politicians, and the people who donate millions of dollars to fund gun-control, have no need to go armed. They hire people to protect them. They have their own security services, while we have to protect ourselves. They aren’t anti-gun. They are for corporate and government gun ownership, while they speak against private and personal gun ownership.

Here is what real gun-control would look like without hypocrisy, and, frankly, I haven’t real examples of gun-control. Please use the comment section to tell me if you’ve seen what I’ve missed.

-Billionaires and rich politicians will never walk into a store and shop for groceries or Christmas presents on a rainy night. They have cooks and personal shoppers who do that for them. I bring this up because parking lots are one of the favorite places where criminals hunt for victims. Billionaires and elite politicians certainly won’t walk across a dark parking lot at night by themselves. You, on the other hand, live a different life than they do. You probably walk across a dark lot by yourself several times a week. You face risks every day that billionaires and rich politicians will never see again. You deserve the right of self-defense. .....

"If you want me disarmed, then lead by example. If our streets are so safe, then give up your bodyguards. If you want my family disarmed, then fire your security staff at home and at work. Send your protective detail home if you're a politician."

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