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The Stupidity Of Internet Know-It-Alls
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The Stupidity Of Internet Know-It-Alls

By Tom Knighton. January 16th, 2018

I'm not an expert on much of anything. I'll be the first to tell you that. While I'm proud of having a pretty broad base of knowledge, there's no topic at all that I put myself as being near the top of the intellectual heap on.

However, I do encounter plenty of them. I'm constantly amused by the people who will routinely address anything they disagree with as something that will get you killed.

Not that I'm immune to it, to be sure. I've made similar comments from time to time, but there are a few things that are nearly constant triggers for the phrase, "That'll get you killed in the streets!" And over at Shooting Illustrated, Tamara Keel takes a whack at the stupid.

It's to the point where "Killed on the streets" has become something of an inside joke. I've been trying to catalog these methods of self-induced demise, partly to debunk them, and partly in the hopes I can publish a phonebook-size compendium some day and profit handsomely. I'll just go ahead and share some of these with y'all today, though, for free. .......

Another old favorite of course is "there will be blood on the streets" - suggesting rather like the "killed on the streets" that the mere possession and carry of a sidearm is guaranteed to lead to personal demise. How much better if Alan Korwin's "Guns save lives" was the mantra, but anti-gun paranoia cannot accept such logic.

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