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Infringing the right to bear
arms- You can't carry here
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Infringing the right to bear
arms- You can't carry here

By Rob Morse. April 22nd, 2017
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Your right to protect yourself shall not be infringed..well..except where it already is infringed. That is what my young liberal friend told me. Here is what he said.

I think we should pass a law to ban guns. That way we wouldn’t have any more violence and we could close the prisons. It’d be great.

You think so? We tried it before. It is called prohibition. It failed when we prohibited alcohol. It failed with prohibiting drugs. It is failing today with prohibiting guns.

But we need to do something. Maybe we should take it piece at a time. We don’t have to prohibit anything, we can just regulate all we want. Yeah, that’s it.
I know. Hospitals should be gun free zones. Surely you wouldn’t want sick people to get their hands on guns?

We tried that too. Disarming doctors and nurses isn’t keeping them safe. A shocking fraction of healthcare workers are attacked on the job each year. .......

Rob gives us a look into a dialogue with a young liberal - which brings up many of the 'usual' points that get raised. There is the naive notion that all guns can simply be gotten rid of and all will be well, then too, ignorance of the vulnerability of the unarmed victim in a "gun-free-zone". The overall core of liberal thinking on guns invariably comes out the same - "guns are bad", conveniently forgetting about evil people who will always find ways to be armed.

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