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Deadly Aesthetics and Anti-gun Addicts
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June 28th 2015

Deadly Aesthetics and Anti-gun Addicts


By Rob Morse, June 25th, 2015

A South Carolina pastor disarmed the honest men and women in his congregation. The pastor was also a state legislator. His votes for gun prohibition helped create an entire state full of disarmed victims in every church, every mosque and every temple. Those laws guaranteed that a crazy person would be unopposed when, someday, a crazy person brought a gun into church. That sobering situation came true in Charleston, South Carolina last week. Innocent people died. I want all of us to learn from this tragedy so it never happens again.

This is not a fair and balanced discussion of civilian disarmament. The gun grabbers want to disarm everyone while I want to empower good men and women. The gun prohibitionist thinks men and women can’t be trusted with a gun. I believe that the world is a better place when honorable men and women are armed.

The gun-grabbing ideologues think I’m crazy. They want a world where guns don’t exist. I think they’re crazy. Now I want to explain ........ -->


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