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Rabbi Bendory’s Archive Page

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We have built this archive for periodical articles by Rabbi Dovid Bendory so that over time it will make a useful indexing reference. He has his own site which is "The Gun Rabbi"

Intentions matter
The enemies of freedom tell us that the person behind the gun doesn't matter -- that guns somehow cause crime and mayhem. They mistake the tool for the actor..... Read more

In Memory
Rabbi Bendory considers the meaning of Memorial Day and how we should treat it -- as well as offering some suggestions to do that even better...... Read more

NJ Jewish News Misses the Target
Rabbi Bendory comments in an open letter to the article on New Jersey Jewish News - "Guns and Definitions" - correcting some common misconceptions. …… Read more. He also has been interviewed by Adam Taxin, on matters following the horrific Aurora Colorado massacre on July 20th. The focus of discussion centers round the NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's absurd comments and proposals for more 'gun control'. Listen to the sound file on JPFO's Talkin to America page.

A Letter to the Editor of New Jersey Jewish News
Rabbi Bendory makes some comments on the article we reproduced on 6/21/12 - "Guns and Moses" - correcting some mis-interpretations. …… Read more

In Memoriam.
Rabbi Bendory writes in response to the sad news recently received of the sad passing of JPFO's prolific writer, Kirby Ferris. He pays his tribute to our friend and associate, with whom he enjoyed a great working relationship as well as friendship. …… Read more

A vital message from JPFO's Rabbi Dovid Bendory.
JPFO's Rabbi Dovid Bendory explains why JPFO was founded, reminds us of just some of JPFO's terrific accomplishments, and then tells us what we are facing regarding our Second Amendment rights in the near future. This is a MUST WATCH video. Please spread it far and wide. …… Read more

Ted Nugent vs. a deluded Jewish congresswoman.
Ted Nugent's recent comments about the 2012 election have landed him in hot water with the liberal world. Ted just does not care what yapping cultural Marxists like Debbie Wasserman Schultz think. …… Read more

The Ten Commandments, Killing, and Murder.
This is a detailed commentary, intended to give valuable reference to Jews and Christians who find themselves facing unfounded pacifist dogma. …… Read more

Exodus Armed
Human nature has not changed. The nature of evil has not changed. The "heart of man" is basically the same as it was thousands of years ago. In the second of his Torah commentaries, JPFO's Rabbi Bendory examines the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egyptian captivity. It appears that "sword control" laws had been lifted. …… Read more

In Defense of the Catholic Church
It's not often that Orthodox rabbis are outspoken in defense of Catholicism. But on certain issues, all people of conscience must stand together. Rabbi Bendory speaks up for his Catholic brethren on just such an issue. …… Read more

Moses and Righteous Use of Force
Rabbi Bendory shares some insights with this special Torah commentary, the character of Moses, the obligation to defend the innocent and the oppressed, and the dignity of every human being. …… Read more

A Yahrzeit Tribute to Aaron Zelman, from Rabbi Bendory
"Tonight (January 11, 2012) at sunset begins the 17th day of the Hebrew month of Tevet on the Jewish calendar. This marks the yahrzeit -- the one year anniversary -- of the passing of JPFO’s founder and visionary leader, Aaron Zelman. I wanted to share some thoughts about Aaron with you to mark this event. " …… Read more

A Chanukah Greeting from Rabbi Bendory
"It is said that every Jewish Holiday is the same: "they tried to destroy us; we won; let’s eat!" -- and like all humor, there’s a certain amount of truth to this." …… Read more

An Open Letter to the Arizona Republic Newspaper
The Arizona Republic newspaper published a fairly lengthy story about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) gun-running debacle code-named "Operation Fast and Furious". Upon closer perusal, what soon became evident was that many details were left out of the article …… Read more

Do Jewish "Gun Control" Advocates Fuel Anti-Semitism?
Jews in favor of the right of self defense and the right to keep and bear arms (and our numbers are significant and thankfully growing) must speak out loudly and frequently against the Bloombergs and the Soroses and the Feinsteins and the Schumers. …… Read more

JPFO responds to Jewish Democrat group’s twisted accusation.
The National Jewish Democratic Council has laid a ridiculous accusation at JPFO’s doorstep. Our Rabbi Dovid Bendory has some sharp words for NJDC, which has orchestrated a blatant distraction. …… Read more

George Soros and your guns.
An unsubstantiated internet rumor is going around. JPFO’s Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Dovid Bendory, has some sage advice regarding not believing everything you hear. …… Read more

Rabbi Bendory sends out a wake-up call to America.
JPFO’s Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Dovid Bendory, has some "bottom line" suggestions for Americans who cherish their freedom and safety. You can stuff your head in the ground … or you can do something "WHILE YOU STILL CAN." …… Read more

Rabbi Bendory has some heartfelt advice regarding "flash mobs".
The mainstream media is doing its best to belittle a dangerous trend in America today: the “flash mob” of “youths”. The term “flash mob” originally referred to groups of peaceful citizenry who gathered for what are best called “social experiments” – jovial sing-alongs and dance-alongs and other forms of harmless improvisational theater. …… Read more

Rabbi Bendory Gives Baltimore Mayoral Candidate a Reality Check.
JPFO’s Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Dovid Bendory, responds to Baltimore mayorial candidate Otis Rolley, who has the wonderful idea of imposing a $1 charge per bullet! "I’m curious, Mr. Rolley, at whom your proposal is aimed. Do you really expect to reduce crime with a bullet tax? Do you think that a murderer purchases his ammunition legally – and thus will incur this tax? Do you think that paying an extra $20 or $50 for a box of ammo will stop such a murderer?" …… Read more

"I Get Very, Very Nervous".
JPFO’s Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Dovid Bendory, spoke at the New Jersey Second Amendment Society on May 11, 2011. The subject was dealing with many aspects of the Second Amendment but in this excerpt he talks specifically about the dangers of gun registration, and in particular how that relates to history. Watch the video clip …… Read more

An Open Letter to Illinois State Senator Ira Silverstein (D).
"As the Rabbinic Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, I was consulted over the controversy you created surrounding the use of a Jewish Star of David in the Illinois based Gun News newsletter. I write to you as a fellow Orthodox Jew." …… Read more

JPFO’s Rabbi Bendory at Picatinny Army Arsenal, May 5, 2011.
Comments by JPFO’s Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Dovid Bendory, at Picatinny Army Arsenal in New Jersey on May 5, 2011. The subject of the Rabbi’s speech was "Justice and Accountability in the Face of Genocide: What have we learned?" Righteous self defense and the defense of the innocent is core to moral human behavior …… Read more

Five Reasons Why You Should Want High Capacity magazines.
Today, the most common plaintive question you hear from the victim disarmament crowd is: “Why would anyone need a high capacity ammunition magazine?” Note that the emphasis is always on the word “need”. So-called “gun control” has always used semantic deception. What the gun confiscators want to do is apply “needs” to situations that more accurately require “wants”. …… Read more

JPFO Launches "High Cap Freedom"
JPFO today (3/21/11) launches "The High Capacity Freedom Campaign" and now asks EVERY responsible American gun owner to, as soon as possible, purchase at least one high capacity magazine. Even if you don’t own a firearm that requires magazines, buy at least one “high cap” mag for a commonly owned pistol or rifle. (It may even be one of the fastest-appreciating investments you ever make!) …… Read more

An Open Letter to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
"I am an Orthodox rabbi who lives in New Jersey but works in New York City. Approximately half of my waking life is lived under your laws and jurisdiction. Like everyone who lives or works in New York City, I have the right, even the obligation, to confront some of your policies regarding so-called "gun control" …… Read more

Armed and Jewish - Candace Dainty
The second in our new series - this time Kirby Ferris interviews a Jewish lady, Candace Dainty, who is a strong advocate for gun ownership and self defense. She also runs her own web site - "Jewish Women Supporting Gun Ownership" — …… Read more

Armed and Jewish (First Interview)
This is the first of a series of interviews that JPFO hopes to conduct on a regular basis. We call this series “Armed and Jewish”. We start with an interview between Rabbi Bendory and Kirby Ferris and learn much about the Rabbi’s approach to guns and shooting, as well as how he became :The Gun Rabbi" …… Read more

A Dire Warning to American Jews
There is only one way to live by the declaration “Never Again”: gun-hating Jews must repent of their naïve foolishness. We must encourage all Righteous Americans, Jew and Gentile alike, religious or not, to exercise their right to firearms ownership …… Read more

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