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November 8th 2010

JPFO's Post Election Survey Results



Over 800 responses for different questions are now available for your viewing by following this link. With comment question pages, click on "Show Replies". (Note, survey closes 11/11/10)

One particular interesting response is a letter of only 24 lines. It separates the chafe from the wheat very quickly.

The writer suggests that people send it to the politicians recently elected to find out if you have been conned again by politicians or if they are honest and sincere. You can find the letter at question #12 ("If you had the power, what would be the single first thing you would do to solve America’s economic problems?"). Response numbers change as comments are added (was #32) but the time stamp for this is Sun, Nov 7, 2010 4.08pm.

Thank you again for your participation and effort to keep America free.


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