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November 11th 2010

A Modest Proposal for Veterans Day

by Aaron Zelman
Founder and Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.
Copyright 2010 JPFO



Would it be too much to ask from the government that American "leaders" embrace the forgotten advice of our founders to avoid "foreign entanglements"?

On a regular basis, we Americans are called upon to sacrifice our children and loved ones, to send them to death to bring “democracy” to foreign lands. Most of these nations are simply not interested in our quaint notion of personal freedom. In fact, in many cases, the concept is actually repugnant to them. How long will we continue to be played for suckers?

From this moment on, we should not defend any nation that doesn’t have its own version of the Second Amendment, a widely armed citizenry. Why should we come to their aid, if they are not willing to take foundational responsibility for their own personal self defense? Can’t we see that they don’t share our most fundamental moral values? Why should we protect or empower them? Many of them are our sworn enemies. It is insanity. We the People must stop it today.

Does anybody agree with me?


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