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December 9th 2010

Only in America




Bill of Rights Day is December 15th.

This nation seems to be experiencing a change in direction for the better. Promises to reduce the size and power of government over the American citizenry floated easily and conveniently from the lips of politicians all through the last election campaign.

But now let’s see if these politicians truly keep their word. Some won’t. They will be bought off, blackmailed, or seduced by the glittering trappings of power.

How can we tell if politicians and judges are supporting or denigrating our freedoms?

It’s not rocket science. Simply understand what the American Bill of Rights, the supreme law of our land, says about what can and cannot be done by our government. Any law, regulation, policy, court decision, or “executive order” that violates the simple intent of the Bill of Rights is illegal. Period. It is just that simple.

America must return to a Bill of Rights Culture. Re-introduce yourself to your Bill of Rights at this very moment. Go here to read them all. It will only take a few minutes.

How important is your liberty? Take a moment to think about this question.

Make sure to forward this email to at least two other people. And on December 15th, Bill of Rights Day, consider printing out the referenced JPFO presentation of the Bill of Rights and handing it out to complete strangers.

Freedom is not a spectator sport.

Alan Korwin, author, publisher, and AzCDL member, has organized a Phoenix celebration at the historic Wrigley Mansion (5 PM - 9 PM). Detailed information is available at Alan's website.

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