January 17th, 2011

A Memorial to Aaron Zelman

The Founder Of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership


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Please go to the JPFO Front Page (currently) to read our tributes to JPFO’s Founder and pass it along. A lion has left us.

After the crushing blow of Aaron’s death, we began a reorganization and restructuring. And now, as Aaron wished, JPFO will drive forward powerfully as an unrelenting and unashamed voice for American freedom. We promise you that our blade will not lose its edge.

Read our tributes and then donate, join JPFO, or renew your membership if you are already a member.

In Aaron’s honor we would like all those who are now members to recruit at least one other person into our ranks.

Remember, you do not have to be Jewish to join JPFO. In all of its more than twenty years, JPFO has never asked the religious belief of any supporter. Anyone who embraces all the Bill of Rights is welcome.

Challenging times lie ahead for this place called America, the nation we will pass down to our children and grandchildren. We ask you to think long and hard about the true price of Liberty. Aaron Zelman gave it everything he had. Thank you in advance for your generous support and for your patience over the last month.

Addition 1/18/2011 - we now invite you to comment at this temporary dedicated email with any thoughts and memories of Aaron, from which we will soon compile a "Guest Book" to place on the site.


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