June 18th 2012

Sound Bytes: Armed American Radio - "Fast and Furious".

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Last evening (June 17th) Mark Walters, host of Armed American Radio, had as his guests Mike Vanderboegh of Sypsy Street Irregulars, and David Codrea who writes on Examiner.com as well as Waronguns.blogspot.com - the broadcast subject being an update on "Fast and Furious".

Many may know that these gentlemen have been instrumental in blowing the lid off the (ongoing!) Fast and Furious travesty and in fact JPFO gave them a well deserved award at the last Shot Show to acknowledge their work. Since then more information has been forthcoming and you can read a Vanderboegh update with some major new discoveries. Also check out David's new article at Examiner.com.

Go visit the JPFO Talkin' to America page to listen to (or download) the broadcast and get up-to-date with current information. The original session has been trimmed to concentrate on the main subject matter, and a second shorter segment is included from the "Round Table" section, dealing with allied matters concerning 2A and current conditions. Thanks to Mark Walters for permission to bring this over to JPFO.


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