April 12th 2013

Christians and Hate Groups


JPFO's Rabbi Judah Freeman says - "We Jews have some experience with knowing the effects of being demonized, and stand with believing Christians in defending their right to their faith."

All over America evangelical christians are being labeled as "extremists" and "hate groups". The connotations here should be fairly obvious, as we see attacks on people of faith, and labels being applied such as "extremists" and even "terrorists". Mix in firearms ownership with patriotism and the names get even worse. History has only to be referenced to see how persecution of the faithful can run riot and lead to bad things - the Jews are of course a classic case in point.

These days, the favorite approach by the left seems to be that of demonization - it is the preferred method of attack. Through continued us of this low IQ technique it is hoped that the masses will get stirred up and so amplify the process. There was a time when acceptance of America's founding on basic Judeo-Christian principles was comfortably accepted, but it seems now that tolerance has shrunk to the point that secularism is regarded as the way to go -- with abuse thrown at any true faith people. Read "Christians and Hate Groups" and wince as you read some of the vitriolic and defamatory quotes.

♦ -- Make sure you saw and read yesterday's important results from the PoliceOne.com major March 2013 survey. It would appear there is more support for logic and common sense than one might have thought!

Refer to the "Sandy Hook Index" for an archive collection of valuable material we have shown since the events at the Newtown Elementary School.

Check out Gun/Murder Statistics: A set of tabulated and graphical data showing relationships between gun numbers and murders - categorized by alphabetical countries listing. Useful research material.

"… their real goal isn't disarming the criminals but disarming everyone they view as potential political opposition. Some segments of gun control are aimed at producing a local electoral majority, the prime example being the Colorado bills that would cause enough pro-gun people to move out of the state to ensure a long-term Democrat majority. Others are aimed at disarming the "most probably enemy" population groups, and both political parties are guilty of that to some extent, though the Democratic party does it far more."

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