May 31st 2013

The Little Lego Gun


School anti-gun craziness continues. Here we detail a report which borders on the ridiculous, even though seemingly it was finally 'satisfactorily' resolved.
Even more recent (5/31/13) - check out this example -- a kindergartner happened to show a friend his cowboy style cap gun on the way to school. Result? Suspension, after a most traumatic two hour stiff interrogation.
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Pint Size Toy Lego Gun Gets Six Year
Boy Detention and Possible Suspension

Daniel Jackson, May 29th, 2013. The Daily Sheeple.

Article Origin

A six year old boy in Palmer, Massachusetts was initially given detention and a possible suspension from the bus after playing with a toy lego gun on his ride home. The toy gun, slightly larger than a quarter, caused hysteria on the bus ride home after another student altered the bus driver that the boy had a gun.

Local news outlet WCYB reported:

A 6-year-old had the toy gun, which is slightly larger than a quarter, on the bus and it was seen by another student, who alerted the bus driver.

The boy's mother, Mieke Crane, said her son had to write a letter of apology to the driver, was given detention and could be temporarily suspended from the bus.

"I think they over-reacted totally. I totally do, "Crane told WGGB, adding her son knows guns can be dangerous and are not allowed at school.

The bus driver is claiming that the students on the bus were traumatized but the reality of the matter is no child would be scared of a quarter sized toy gun unless the schools and media hadn't brainwashed them into fearing weapons of all kinds.

After the mother spoke up about the ridiculous punishment and nonsense, the school took a look at the bus surveillance video and decided to rescind the detention.

"The principal looked at the tape, the children were not standing up hollering, nobody was ducking, no one was screaming he has a gun. The little boy raised his hand properly the first time," said Crane, referring to the child who was thought to have yelled at the driver.

"He smiled when we told him, he was very excited when we told him he didn't have to serve the detention," said Crane.

"I am glad they looked into it. I am glad I spoke up and I am glad my kid is not in trouble anymore," said Crane.

You can watch a video report on the story below (apologies for preliminary ad!):

Contributed by Daniel Jackson of The Daily Sheeple.
Daniel Jackson is a seasoned journalist with a passion for exposing corruption and the lies of the global elite. DJ has a passion for truth and liberty that is shown through his extensive reporting on numerous globally significant topics not normally covered by the corporate controlled media. He is is a writer, researcher and editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!

Not long ago we ran an article If You Outlaw Pencils, only Outlaws Will Have Pencils by Dan Mitchell, which looked at the increasing and numerous examples of absurdity, many going even beyond absurd. Further item examples covering aspects of "hoplophobia" include " Why Jews hate Guns", Guns and Moses, and A letter to the Jewish Chronicle. Also, though already read by thousands of people, Raging Against Self-Defense is perhaps the ultimate in-depth and definitive look at the anti-firearm mentality

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Thought for the day -- "Isn't it strange that after a bombing, everyone blames the bomber ... but after a shooting, the problem is the Gun ! "

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