July 29th 2013

NJ Supreme Court to Hear 2A Case on 'Justifiable Need',
NJ's Excuse for CCW Denials

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July 23rd, 2013. Ammoland.com
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Trenton, NJ -- For the first time in 45 years the New Jersey Supreme Court has granted a hearing related to Second Amendment rights, on the case of Richard Pantano, owner of a NJ Landscape Supply Business that handles as much as $2,000,000 in cash a year.

Richard was denied a rarely seen, exclusive to 'Only Ones' – NJ Concealed Carry License, by the lower courts on the claim that he did not have sufficient "Justifiable Need".

Richard Pantano's appeal stems from the trial court's October 31, 2011 denial of his application for a permit to carry a firearm under N.J.S.A. 2C:58–4.

The Manalapan Township Police Chief had approved Pantano's application in December 2010 and the State appealed. In a written opinion, Judge Francis P. DeStefano concluded after a testimonial hearing that Pantano had not demonstrated "a justifiable need to carry a handgun." N.J.S.A. 2C:58–4(d).

Pantano asserts the court erred in finding no justifiable need, and, in the alternative, he argues the justifiable need requirement infringes his right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. U.S. Constitution, amendment. II.

Although Concealed Carry Laws are on the books in New Jersey, judges and police chiefs have almost unanimously declined concealed carry permits to everyone but, other police, judges, politicians and famous friends of the aforementioned. Effectively New Jersey does not have Concealed Carry, and contrary to mainstream media reports, is still the only state in the USA where its citizens can not defend themselves outside their homes.

Supporters of concealed carry rights in NJ are looking forward to their day in Court even if it only leads to a further appeal to higher courts.

Pantano is represent by Evan Nappen, better known as "NJ's Gun Lawyer" as he literally wrote the book on New Jersey Gun Laws.

New Jersey Supreme Court Docket

Evan Nappen is an active criminal defense attorney who has focused on firearms and weapons law for over 23 years.

He is the author of the books, New Hampshire Gun, Knife, and Weapon Law and the New Jersey Gun Law Guide. He is a director and the General Counsel of Pro-Gun New Hampshire, Inc. (http://www.pgnh.org/)

Evan has taken the battle for second amendment rights to directly to the state courts of NJ, NY and NH with an amazing track record of success. (www.efnappen.com).

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