August 9th 2013

The Real Faces and Places of Gun Control

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By Rob Morse, July 31st, 2013
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We are told that gun control will stop violence. We're told gun control will end crime. Advocates can claim gun control will make you look years younger.. and the news media will report that as "truth from the experts". Me, I'm done with the theory of gun control because I lived with the reality. It isn't a matter of academic statistics any longer. Now I see faces and names because too many of my friends paid the price for our experiment in gun control. You can't know the reality of gun control when you're young because you haven't seen it. You won't know the reality if you've only lived in a "free state." This is the reality of how the other half lives.. and dies because of gun control.

Kenn Blanchard served on hostage rescue teams back when he was a Marine. Now Kenn is a civilian. He lives near Washington, D.C. and trains CIA agents how to use firearms. Kenn has protected presidents and ambassadors. The Reverend Kenn Blanchard is also a Baptist preacher in one of the most violent sections of Washington, D.C. They hear gunfire outside his church! This fine black man can't get a permit to protect himself or his family because he lives in a state that has "gun control".

Think about that for a minute. Kenn was paid to protect our nation's political leaders as they traveled around the world, but somehow Kenn isn't trustworthy enough to protect his own children in their front yard. That is the reality of gun prohibition. That is the racism of gun control.

I read that an elderly man was robbed when he came home to his apartment in Chicago. Two criminals broke in and held his son at gunpoint. This time the thieves stole money and car keys. That's simply one more robbery in Chicago.. except this man's son was confined to a wheel chair. The thieves stole the man's wheel chair accessible van. This is personal for me because I lived in Chicago. People broke into my apartment. I lived next door to Spencer Dawson and he was confined to a wheelchair. Over two million handicapped people are victimized in the US each year. That could have been Spencer and his parents!

The only way this old man could have protected his family was if he carried a gun. Unfortunately, politicians disarmed the honest citizens of Chicago. I don't see how disarming the elderly and physically handicapped makes the rest of us safer. That is the bigotry of gun prohibition!

My friends Mike and Cissy owned a small business in Washington DC. They were robbed by three young men when they stepped outside their shop. Gun control left my friends disarmed and vulnerable. They could have been killed because of gun control! Mike and Cissy were all right, but some of my friends weren't so lucky.

My girlfriend was raped after her attacker broke in and held a knife to her throat. Monica couldn't have a gun for self-defense because she lived in Chicago, and Chicago has very strict gun control laws. Gun control is the theory that it is better for a 130 pound woman to be raped by a drug addict twice her size rather than risk injuring a rapist. That theory may work for a Chicago politician who has his own security detail, but Monica paid the price.

Monica's rape is the reality of gun control. Monica had to leave Illinois. She moved to a state where she could defend herself.

Some victims can't run away. Anne was my doctor's daughter. She was home from college and sitting in a quiet park near Mill Valley, California mill valley policewhen she was murdered. She was murdered by a mentally ill man who brought a gun into a gun-free zone. Of course Anne obeyed California's gun law, so she wasn't armed. There was no one to help her when she was attacked and murdered. The police didn't find her for hours.

That is the murderous insanity of gun control! We pretend that crazy people and criminals will obey gun laws while people like Anne are disarmed.. and murdered. I named my daughter Anne, so this stays personal for me.

Do we need more names and more examples? We are not talking about an untried theory, or even a theory that worked well in other countries. We tried gun prohibition in the United States. It failed. It failed as prohibition always fails. I've named a few of the victims to prove it. How many more names will it take to convince you that gun control has failed? How many more victims will you stand for?

In San Diego County, the county where I live, we have fifty to sixty people robbed, assaulted, raped and murdered every day. Your neighborhood is probably the same. The victims are not a number and a statistic. They are real people with names and faces, even if they are left unnamed and unreported on our local TV and newspapers. The reality of gun control is that it disarms honest people and leaves us as easy victims for drug gangs, crazies and criminals.

My friends lived the experiment. I don't think I'm unlucky that my friends have been victims. On the contrary; I'm lucky to have so many friends and have lived long enough to see what happens to them. I can't ignore what has happened to them. Please don't ignore what has happened to your friends either.

I do more than reject gun control: I condemn it! I am pleading with you to join me. There are many gun-rights groups you can join. Please join today.

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Thought for the day -- "Isn't it strange that after a bombing, everyone blames the bomber ... but after a shooting, the problem is the Gun ! "

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
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