September 2nd 2013

Cuban "Agent-of-Influence" wants
American Gun-Owners Fingerprinted

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Once again, America is getting the blame for what happens elsewhere - in this case it seems people shooting each other in various Latin American countries is all our fault! To remedy this it has been suggested that American gun laws be even further constrained to remedy the 'problem'. Perhaps a chat with AG Holder should be considered about the botched "Fast and Furious" debacle, as being more relevant to the cause?

Amazing. Here is a lady (Senior Fellow Julia Sweig) writing a memo for the Council on Foreign Relations on the subject, but it just so happens that she is someone who supports Cuba, has known Castro for some twenty years, and for whom she has been lobbying. There would seem to be a distinct odor of hypocrisy.

This article is a comprehensive exposé of disturbing meddling -->

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Thought for the day -- "Isn't it strange that after a bombing, everyone blames the bomber ... but after a shooting, the problem is the Gun ! "

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