ATF Discovers a New Meaning of
'Automatic' to Regulate Bump-Stocks

By Gary B. Wells. April 9th, 2018

( - Ex President Obama is likely smiling. All we needed to get more gun control was to elect more Republicans. Without the promised concealed carry reciprocity, we now we have the Fix NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) law that accomplishes little more than aggravating the problems already part of the NICS and at a significant expense. (Paying people to add rocks to a cart with a broken axle doesn't fix anything.)

The Standard for Infringement is Not Automatic Fire

Now Republicans reaffirm that the Second Amendment can be infringed upon whenever the weapon approximates automatic fire. Anyone understanding and intending to uphold the purpose of the Second Amendment's protection against a tyrannical government would also understand that the rifles used by the government's military for more than fifty years must not be prohibited from the people.

Either there is no longer any such understanding, or the politicians do understand, but fear this purpose and want to neuter it.

Progressive Legislation from the Executive Branch Continues

Regardless of the Constitutional infringement, the ATF's notice of proposed rulemaking to classify bump-fire stocks as machineguns is outside the clear provisions of statutory law and involve forcing a square peg in a round hole. These efforts require the ATF to bypass legislation, re-write history, re-define terms beyond any reasonable definition, endlessly repeat false statements, make inconsistent arguments, and then illogically jump from the new erroneous definitions to derive the desired and forgone conclusion they were directed to reach. .......

This is basically definition changing to achieve control by subterfuge. Further to this is the constant use of labels such as "assault" in order to maintain the 'fright factor' over certain semi automatic firearms, and so try to keep the public in a state of fear - all the better to help the process of achieving bans. The ATF continues its infringement process on the Second Amendment as if it was a legitimate legislative body - which it is not, but, control by any means is the mantra. These are perilous times for the law abiding gun owner.
As a reminder - JPFO Official Position On "Bump" Stocks.

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