Gumbel hatred for ‘pig’ gun owners not
uncommon for establishment sports media



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By David Codrea, January 23rd 2015
JPFO writer contributor, © 2014.

Bryant Gumbel

“[T]hey’re pigs” HBO’s “Real Sports” front man Bryant Gumbel told Rolling Stone in an interview that came out Tuesday. He was referring to the National Rifle Association, but that’s just convenient media code speak for all gun owners who believe in the right to keep and bear arms.

If you believe in it, he means you, pig. Or as masters of “gun control” would say, “Schwein!”

“There are a few things I hate more than the NRA,” Gumbel admitted. “I mean truly.”

What those “few things” are remained unstated. ISIL? Communism? Nazism? Murderers? Child molesters? For some reason I’m also conjuring up Arlo Guthrie’s list of Group W bench offenders: “Mother-rapers . . . father-stabbers . . . father-rapers!

Presumably, Gumbel prefers all of the above over you and me. I mean truly. And as long as I’m on a 60s culture kick, we might as well let Dr. Smith weigh in with an appropriate reaction to such a definitive rejection by such an important person.

“I think they don't care about human life,” Gumbel continued. “I think they are a curse upon the American landscape. So we got that on the record.”

Yes, in fact we do, “hater,” and you’ve relieved us of any obligation to respond with anything civil or enlightening, because you’ve really proven yourself to be just another in a long line of ignorant bigots, who are the true curse upon the American landscape. Hey, what have we learned about “progressives” and Opposite Day?

Besides, it’s not like Gumbel is unique among “famous” sports media figures.

We can start with Keith Olbermann, late of MSNBC, now a regular with ESPN who “ushers fans through the world of sports with a deep and witty dive ... presented from a bold perspective.”

You’d have to be bold – or maybe just clueless and obnoxious – to utter witless opinions like the NRA is “trying to increase deaths by guns in this country” and declaring the Second Amendment applies to “the kind of arms in use in 1791, when the Bill of Rights was passed -- the musket, the wheel-lock, the flint lock, the 13th century Chinese hand canon. Stuff like that.”

Since when do knuckleheads with a mass media forum need to actually know what they’re talking about? After all, plenty more will listen to – and believe – this ignoramus with a megaphone than will ever be exposed to, you know, the truth about the Founders and firearms technology.

And we can’t forget NBC’s Bob Costas, who abused his halftime commentary segment to attack the right to keep and bear arms. Or Fox Sports commentator Jason Whitlock, who parallels Gumbel’s sentiments, with an equally idiotic and hate-fomenting assertion.

Jason Whitlock

“I believe the NRA is the new KKK,” Whitlock spewed. “The arming of so many black youths, and loading up our community with drugs, and then just having an open shooting gallery, is the work of people that obviously don’t have our best interests.”

Or take “sports writer” Mike Lupica – please. Then again, it’s not like the environment such figures immerse themselves in do anything but encourage citizen disarmament. And it’s not like the stable of gladiators everybody makes wads of cash over is known for its ability to be trusted with a woman, let alone with a gun.

Meanwhile, the average “fan” enjoys the bread and circus distractions from issues of responsible citizenship that are necessary for a free society, willingly submitting to all kinds of gross infringements of personal liberties in order to be entertained by the “achievements” of others. That’s not to say all “sports” are to be shunned, as long as we don’t swallow the “sporting purposes” deception some detached idiot gun owners still fall for while throwing others under the bus.

“I advise the gun,” Thomas Jefferson wrote to his nephew in 1785. “While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprize, and independance to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks."

Or you could just let the tailgate down, chug some brews, paint your torso so you can stand naked in freezing weather (but get picked up by the stadium’s giant TV!), and delude yourself into thinking you’re cheering on “your” team.

Isn’t that the type of “mind” that takes a hate-filled, know-nothing mob-inciter like Bryant Gumbel seriously when he deviates from his trivial, but ludicrously well-rewarded specialty?

David Codrea is a field editor at GUNS Magazine, penning their monthly "Rights Watch" column. He provides regular reporting and commentary at Gun Rights Examiner and blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. David Codrea's Archive page.

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