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This page is to act as an index to documents received since May 15, 2008, concerning David Olofson's ongoing court battles.  He is sending items to us which now includes affidavits of personal knowledge of fact, and motions for a new trial and disclosure of evidence etc. The main page on his case will be updated if necessary but we will try and keep newer material here.



News (October 2009) about a new petition for review of his conviction and it's failure - see this page.

From David Codrea (9/15/09) - "we hear there is a stand-alone site for Lou Dobbs, with a page for this case. It does not appear to add a lot and has links to videos, however thus far any attempt to view the fifth video link has been unsuccessful. There was also an article on the case at Guns, by David Codrea - now seemingly missing, sorry.
Guns moves their stuff off the Rights Watch url each month. That particular column can be accessed here:."

Read "My Neighbor's Freedom - My Freedom" by Roland Guthrie - in which he references the Olofson case.

Olofson's appeal - decided May 1st 2009 - the conviction was upheld - read the 21 page court document.  A Talkin' to America interview with Len Savage was conducted following this.


Transcript from Lou Dobbs report on CNN.... following Appellate court case 1/22/09 - so far only that but we hope to find a video clip if available. Also we have secured - a sound file of oral argument from court. MP3 approx 5Mb.

David, from prison again.  - link to Sipsey Street blog, with the letter.

Olofson Reply Brief  - received 11/10/08 - PDF file.

How the Government frames gun owners ........ an alert containing links to a Motion to Overturn in the Olofson case, and some sound advice.

David speaks from prison .......... David has been incarcerated since July 2nd 2008 and the fight goes on to clear up the whole mess - but it will take time.

World net Daily article July 22nd 2008

Brief in support of defendant-appellant’s motion to review district court’s denial of motion for release pending appeal - May 30th, 2008 - (PDF - 95Kb)

World Net Daily article - May 28th, 2008 - (PDF - 100k)

Email set -
(the government keeps claiming it proves he bought a set of M16 FCG (Fire Control Group) parts!!) - (PDF - 200k)

Affidavit of Personal Knowledge of Facts (image file 73Kb)

Defendant's Memorandum in Support of Motion to Compel Disclosure of Evidence. (PDF - 75Kb)

Defendant's Motion to Compel Disclosure of Evidence. (PDF - 44Kb)

Defendant’s Motion For A New Trial Pursuant To Fed. R. Crim. P. 33. (PDF - 45Kb)

Affidavit of Personal Knowledge of Facts. (PDF - 121Kb)

Affidavit of Personal Knowledge of Facts. (PDF - 72Kb)

Failed BATFE/Police Initial Home Visit. (small image file - 31Kb)

Affidavit of Personal Knowledge of Facts. (image file -113Kb)

Affidavit of Personal Knowledge of Facts. ( image file - 70Kb)


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