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The Faceless Enemy

Written by "Michael", May 2009

We recently received a suggestion from one of our supporters after he read our alert about the David Olofson denial of appeal decision, (top paragraph), and why we must put a face on "RIGHTS DESTROYERS" and not simply refer to them as the government.

The project is beyond the scope of JPFO, but a person or group of people could make a MAJOR contribution to freedom with this project, especially if they are detail oriented and on the web.

I have read with interest your bulletins and articles for several years now. Most recently, the essay about Mr. Olofson's persecution. It occurs to me today, as in the past, that we have only a faceless enemy. It is always "the government," or "the BATFE" or worse, yet "they," that persecute us take our freedom and commit injustice ad nauseam. When an individual like myself considers what action may be taken, there is no obvious course. It is clear that we ("we" meaning liberty loving individuals) are under attack. And it is also clear that defense is futile. The only acceptable defense, in truth, is a good offense. But against who, and what?

There are many, many, actions that may be taken, ALL of the tactics employed by our oppressors are open to us. But in order to employ them we need to know who to employ them against.

If you truly love freedom, then put names and faces to those that work to destroy it. Include with your educating commentary regarding Mr. Olofson a list of the names and titles of the individuals that persecute him: the prosecuting attorney, the arresting officers, the judges, everybody. Include pictures with those names, which are inevitably available on their official websites.

Construct a section on your website where you include names, addresses and pictures of all the government criminals as you call them, and beside them include a list of their crimes against liberty and justice. Americans have shown, year in and year out that they don't know what to do about the continued assault on their nation, and speaking for the masses of those who care, it is mostly because no one knows what to do beyond stocking up on ammunition and food and waiting until all hope is lost and the real fighting begins. This is because our enemies are largely faceless to us. There are so many of them, from all different directions, it is like trying to figure out which person threw a rock from within a mob.

If we had a list, then we could pick a cause. Thousands of idle minds and hands could simply check the list, and decide which government agency to sue, which representative to write a letter to, which individual to publicly ridicule and censor, and more....


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