The Utopia Theory

By Chris Belle.

© JPFO 2009



Many people crave a Utopia, which in essence is perhaps understandable as there is so much in life that can be deemed as undesirable. However, if realism is employed it will be seen that a true Utopia is an impossibility - something the pursuers of everything peace and love seem to overlook. The human animal has traits which can include many undesirable characteristics - some are minor and in the category of every-day nuisance - but there are others which go far beyond and into the realms of pure evil.

Why mention this at all? Well, there seems to be an element of the Utopia seeker within the ranks of gun grabbers, apart that is from a lust for pure control. Maybe it can simply be called naivety too although that is probably being way too generous. They propound this "simple" (sic) approach which suggests that "getting guns off the streets" will solve everything and suddenly turn society into a realm of peace and tranquility, but conveniently forgetting the basics of human behavior. Bad guys will still, rob and kill. There are many with zero regard for property and the sanctity of life.

Would a gun ban suddenly eradicate those with evil intent - the criminals? No. Would a gun ban stop those very criminals from acquiring firearms? No. The potential cache of guns available even after a ban would more than satisfy their needs, and let us not forget the "prohibition syndrome" - the predictable increase in an unlawful mob controlled black market. Would a gun ban leave law abiding people vulnerable to armed attack? Most certainly. Figures in disarmed UK and Australia tend to bear this out.

We are into the realms of logic versus Utopia. The simple application of a common sense assessment of society and how its essential structure cannot be radically changed, let alone totally controlled. Sadly, the vast majority of those who would seek to disarm the citizen of the right to self defence, have for the most part little to fear themselves. They live a very protected existence all but free of encountering the situations the commoner might well have to face - not likely to be waiting at a 7/11 to buy groceries when an armed attack is made. Not likely to have their home's door broken down by an armed home invasion.

One factor which is so often and conveniently omitted is the protection ability (or lack of) with regard to law enforcement. "To Protect and Serve" is a noble cause but as most people fail to realize, not a duty toward the individual. It should take little or no effort to imagine a situation where an armed attack is made, speed being the criminal's best bet to avoid being caught. Within a mere 60 seconds a mugging attack can be complete and the victim/victims possibly shot to avoid any witnesses, and the best law enforcement can do is appear after the event, gather forensic evidence and call the hospital or coroner. How often are we told by high office law enforcement "do what the nice bad guy tells you" - as if that negates any chance of being injured or killed - no that does not wash; everyone has an innate right of self defense - the "now" factor. Read the book "Dial 911 and Die" - and discover the impotence of the system, which incorrectly assumes someone is able to ask an attacker, "please wait while I dial 911"!

Big home security companies such as ADT and Brinks etc offer some very reasonable and sometimes exotic systems for protecting the home. Their advertising however has to give some cause for concern as the emphasis is geared toward an alarm that somehow magically produces an instant response - "we are sending someone right away"!! How does this prevent a homicide, when the only logical solution really is to be able to meet an armed threat on equal terms, by the armed citizen. Sure these systems may help if a house is being burglarized but for protection of the individual, no sorry - they cannot help that a whole lot.

Another blatant brick wall to anything remotely Utopian is the gang culture - nothing new but certainly thriving more and more. Apart from gangs sometimes terrorising whole neighborhoods, much of their violence is within those organisations, resulting in high homicide levels which greatly influence overall figures that are quoted, ignoring the obvious bias. It is those guns that need to be off the streets - not those belonging to good people, but more important it is the gang culture itself that requires the control. They will always find and procure guns so, why should the 99% of good gun owners be pilloried and disarmed thus rendering them defenceless. What about the 20,000 (mostly unconstitutional) gun laws already on the books - use some of the few constitutional ones against criminal guns.

The Second Amendment saw no Utopia - instead it laid out that the right to keep and bear arms was not to be infringed, knowing that not only was self defence a right but also that the common man should have a means to resist tyranny. The message within the writing is clear, not that you would think so when hearing the anti gun faction which keeps insisting that there is no individual right. The Heller Case only just helped prop that up but within that judgement was the inclusion of the very broad term "reasonable" with regard to controls, and it takes little imagination to see where that could go. Watch the JPFO movie "2A Today for The USA" - and make sure the content, explaining with great clarity what the Second Amendment really means, is thoroughly understood and passed on widely. There are many who need educating.

We cannot and never will achieve a Utopia. The gun grabbers should look hard at reality and see that society is far from perfect and that attempts to control it by disarmament will not work - only leaving the law abiding defenceless in all respects. It is worth reminding people that globally there have been millions who have suffered genocide (see the JPFO genocide chart) following their impotence brought about by gun control. Read "Death by Gun Control" - and watch the movie "Innocents Betrayed" - to see the full picture.

Sorry if bubbles have been burst for there being no Utopia, but to all the actual and would be gun grabbers out there - try and find some logic and common sense, although so far it appears this will still remain in the realm of the miracle.


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